Nature has combined and interwoven great natural riches in this small piece of Europe and granted Slovenia extraordinary variety and diversity that is still well preserved today. Over a third of the country's territory lies within the Europe-wide network of Natura 2000 protected areas, while other valuable areas have been proclaimed major parks and reserves. Direct contact with nature is possible even on the edges of cities.

Green Slovenia

Slovenia's outstanding natural beauties are a feature that we are consciously and deliberately endeavouring to preserve. The predominant colour is green because of the extensive forests and other green areas. There are few countries in the world as green as Slovenia and Slovenia wants to preserve its nature for ...more

Plant and animal life

The diversity of plant and animal species in Slovenia is confirmed by the fact that although Slovenia accounts for just 0.004% of the Earth's surface, its territory is home to more than 1% of all living creatures and over 2% of terrestrial and freshwater species. Slovenia is the third most forested country in Europe. ...more
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