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Čelo, Outdoor museum of the First Warld War

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The outdoor museum Čelo consists of a gun fortification which was built by the Austro-Hungarian army on the Mt. Svinjak slope called Na Čelu, which affords an exceptional view. The fortification was built as a part of the system of the Bovec blockade (Sperre Flitsch) and played an important role in the defence of the valley part of the front in the Bovec area.

A splendid view over the Bovec basin and the surrounding mountains opens on Čelo.

The main part of the Austro-Hungarian fortification consists of a 200-metre long trench which connects two gun positions with a kitchen, observation post, two dormitories for 40 men, and a shelter for 20 soldiers. The trench had 150 crenels for riflemen.

6 outdoor museums and most important monumentss and memorials of the Isonzo Front and natural beauties were connected into the Walk of Peace.

Visitors center the Walk of Peace in Kobarid offers new interactive exhibition of The Walk of Peace, which is free of charge.

From the village Kal-Koritnica which lies 3 kilometres from Bovec in the direction to Trenta.
From Kal-Koritnica, access to the outdoor museum is possible from two directions, but in either case you just follow the mountain path to Svinjak. After 25 minutes of ascending you turn left from this path.
From this point, there is but a five-minute walk to the outdoor museum Čelo.


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