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Baraga's homestead

Knežja vas 21 8211 Dobrnič
++386 7 34 65 163, ++386 40 645 230
The Baraga Homestead in the village of Mala vas is the birthplace of the Slovenian missionary Frederic Irenaeus Baraga. Two rooms in the house are set up as memorial rooms, one room is decorated with the furniture of the time and the rest with a museum presentation of objects and marked stations of Baraga’s life in Canada and the USA. There he wrote books for North American natives, taught them how to read and write, diverted them from alcohol and enabled for them to learn crafts. While staying in La Pointe, Wisconsin, he wrote in German the book History, Character, Customs and Habits of North American Indians, through which Europeans first learned about the story of the Indian princess Pocahontas. The work is the first book by a Slovenian author describing foreign people.

Compiled and edited by Alja Rabzelj
Translated by Barbara Markelc 

Domačija Lah 
Knežja vas 21 
Tel. : ++386 7 346 51 63 
Tel. 2 : ++386 40 645 230 
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GPS Northing (N) : 45,905 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,9497 

Knežja vas

Place: Knežja vas
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