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Slovenske Konjice, Square Core

Slovenske Konjice
The town of Konjice lies below the north slope of Konjiška Gora and below the formerly mighty castle which today is a craggy ruin. Immediately above the square, Trebnik Manor has been preserved as well. The settlement is dense along the typical funnel-shaped falling square, in the middle of which flows a stream towards the Dravinja in an open channel. The upper part of the square breaks into the street; that is in the direction of the Maribor-Celje route.

Sources mention the place as a seminal parish in 1165 (St. George), a castle in 1148, and a square in 1236. Konjice was not surrounded by walls. At the times of the Turkish raids the vicarage with the church by the castle served as a fortified refuge. The parish church is an exceptional piece of Gothic architecture with later additions, especially the Baroque paintings. There are both Gothic and Renaissance elements preserved in the vicarage. The two rarities are the Windischgraetz Manor with the park and the cemetery Church of St. Anne.

By the main street and transversal connections above the Dravinja stands the surpassed line of longitudinal or transversally positioned one-storey secular houses with well preserved Gothic cores and Renaissance additions. The facades were remade in the styles of the 19th century (Biedermeier, Historicisms, Secession). A rarity is the Secession building of the savings bank. Mary's sign, rearranged in 1963, above the stream and Florian's sign by it (the author of both is Franc Zamlik, 1750) dominate the open square. The town core is extremely well preserved, with no aggressive breakthroughs of the roofs and diverse concepts inside the condensed nucleus.


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Slovenske Konjice 
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GPS Northing (N) : 46,3373 
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