Fly fishing

This method of angling, known to do least damage to the fish that are caught, is the most popular method in Slovenia, and is even the sole method permitted in certain fisheries. Slovenia has a long tradition of fly fishing, and the Soča area was where one of the best-known flies, the behmova košatica or Behmfliege, was developed. Fly fishing in Slovenia’s clear rivers and lakes offers an opportunity to enjoy nature, tranquillity and excitement while on the watch for fish.

The fly fishing boom

Decades ago it was mainly various species of trout and grayling that were fished for in Slovenia’s rivers and lakes using artificial flies, and occasionally chub and huchen. In recent decades fly fishing has expanded to the vast majority of other fish species that experts mostly believe will not take artificial bait. The boom in fly fishing was brought by the use of maggots. Barbel, common carp and grass carp can all be fished for with artificial flies in Slovenia’s rivers and lakes.

Given the non-cruelty of fishing with artificial flies, some fisheries, for instance part of the Soča, have decided to make fly fishing the sole method permitted.

Catch and release

In many of Slovenia’s rivers, good management means that the population is self-sustaining, a considerable rarity in Europe, where many species of fish are artificially stocked. One of the methods of maintaining natural fish populations is catch and release fishing. Fly fishers mostly favour this method of fishing, as artificial flies do very little damage to the fish.

Come and try fly fishing in Slovenia’s rivers and lakes, and be an example to your angling colleagues by practising catch and release. And have no fear, in the age of digital cameras, everyone will believe your tales of huge fish even if you do not produce the hard evidence of the caught fish.

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