Cities of Culture

With their heritage, their legends and their modern pulse, Slovenia’s towns and cities are tied in surprising ways to their environments, so each one is very different. 

Open your eyes.

Glimpses of prehistory in archaeological sites, Roman times and ancient roads, the Middle Ages behind castle and town walls, Romanesque and Gothic churches, the Renaissance and Baroque on facades, art nouveau in different building styles, the originality of famous architects – a diversity of periods sets the scene for unforgettable experiences in Slovenia’s cities. 

Experience culture and nature at the same time.

Numerous Slovenian towns and cities enjoy a surprisingly modern cultural scene. They host cosmopolitan festivals and tie presentations to traditional events. The precious items in the museums and galleries point the way to the technical and natural heritage in the city and its surroundings.

Wherever you are, you will be close to nature parks, magnificent forests, growing areas for endemic plants and ancient vineyards. Through their inseparable ties to the surrounding land, what are at first glance little Slovenian towns offer quite grand experiences of culture and nature at the same time. So natural, so alive, so permanent! 

Go local.

Being green means experiencing what is local! This also means tasting what is local: in Slovenia’s cities and surrounding areas you can discover a wealth of traditional dishes made from naturally produced food. The fantastic culinary, craft and other traditions spice up countless local festivals and fairs in many of Slovenia’s cities and towns! 

Be green.

Discover Slovenia’s cities in a green way: they are just the right size for exploring on foot or by bike. Along the way, refresh yourself with the tap water – it is good to drink throughout Slovenia. Unwind in the embrace of the parks and forests – Slovenia is one of the most forested countries in Europe. 

You can depend on safety and easy access.

Choose your city and explore it at any time of day or night. Slovenia is known as a safe country, where you can wander around at any time without fear. Experience more: Slovenia’s advantage is that everything in it is easily accessible. From any town or city you can get to green surroundings in just a few minutes walk, and it is a short drive from one city to the next. In just a few days you can experience more cities in Slovenia than anywhere else. Head out on a thematic exploration, or just travel around Slovenia at will. It’s fun!


Mesta kulture


Cities of Culture




Le città della cultura


Villes de culture

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