Border formalities

Slovenia is in the Schengen Zone, meaning that at the border crossings with Italy, Austria and Hungary there are generally no controls. To enter Slovenia from Croatia, a passport or ID is sufficient if your visit will not last more than three months. If you need a visa to enter Slovenia, or you do not know what goods you can bring into the country, what you need to do if you are travelling with animals and how you can get a VAT refund, check out the tips below.

Latest about migration flows across Slovenia

Like many other European countries, Slovenia is faced with major migration challenges. Slovenia, which is merely seen as a transit country by the majority of refugees and migrants, is addressing the situation in a constructive dialogue with neighbouring countries, with due care and in accordance with European ...more


All those who require a visa to enter Slovenia can apply for a Schengen visa, which you can obtain at Slovenian consular offices in your country or at the consular offices of any other Member State of the Schengen Zone. A visa issued by one Schengen state is valid for all other states in the zone. ...more

Bringing in items and cash

Within the European Union there is free flow of goods, meaning that you can bring into Slovenia any kind of items for personal use. The exceptions to this are tobacco products and alcoholic beverages, for which there are restrictions. These are even stricter for those who live outside the European Union. There are ...more


If you wish to bring with you into Slovenia your dog or cat, the regulations differ depending on whether you are entering from a European Union country or other countries. Those countries are also separated up depending on the danger there of infection with rabies. In all cases, your pet needs a passport and ...more

VAT refunds

There are also differences in respect of VAT refunds, depending on whether you come from a European Union country or other country. EU citizens cannot claim any tax refund on exiting Slovenia, while those from all other countries must obtain a completed special form for the goods from the vendor. This form must be ...more


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