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St Gregory's Day in Kropa and Kamna Gorica

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Information : Kropa and Kamna Gorica

Event starts: 11.3.2015 18:00:00
Event ends: 11.3.2015

Experience one of Radol'ca's most magical rites. On the eve of St Gregory's Day, the iron-foundry pool in the village of Kropa and the Lipnica Stream in the village of Kamna Gorica are illuminated with candles affixed to the floating art creations of local children.

Enchanted by the colourful mosaic of reflections from the water surface in the atmosphere created by this age-old custom, you are guaranteed to sense spring awakening within. Throw your lamp into the water: a centuries-old tradition!
It has been known for centuries that St Gregory threw his lamp into the water. The iron-forging villages of Kropa and Kamna Gorica have preserved this age-old iron-forging custom,which ispractised on the eve of St Gregory's Day. On 11 March of every year, the arrival of spring is celebrated at dusk.

The "lamps" thrown into the water here nowadays are in fact model houses, churches, iron foundries, hay-racks and other unique art creations made from paper, cardboard and wood. Candles are attached to them, either on their exterior or interior, which cast their light through colourful windows.

This unpretentious custom harks back to the era of manual iron forging. Before the introduction of the Gregorian calendar in 1582, the name day of St Gregory (12 March) was considered the first day of spring. The spring, which brought longer days, and more light and warmth, was also welcomed by the iron forgers. The days became longer and they no longer needed artificial light at their work. Therefore, as a symbolic gesture, lamps were thrown into the water on the eve of St Gregory's Day.
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