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Bobbin lace, the Slovenian pyramids and žlikrofi from Idrija

The famous bobbin lace from Idrija is besides mercury brought the good name of Idrija throughout the world. The oldest conserved document on the bobbin lace from Idrija originates from the 17th century. In year 2000 the bobbin lace from Idrija was awarded an international recognition and protected designation of origin. The name of bobbin lace from Idrija wears the designation of origin.

• Lodging with half board or lunch/supper on the following tourist farms: Želinc in Straža, Pri Flandru in Zakojca, Pr' Mark in Črni vrh nad Idrijo, Na Kanomeljskem Razpotju in Sr. Kanomlja,Pri belem kamnu in Vojsko, Za robom in Gorenji Novaki  and Grapar in Planina pri Cerknem, where you could taste appetizing local dishes, if pre-arranged.

• Selected local dishes may be also taste on the excursion tourist farms: Pr' Jureč in Ledine pri Sp. Idriji, Žerovc in Gorenja Trebuša, Petrič in Sp. Kanomlja and Likar in Vojsko, if pre-arranged.

• Typical dishes of the region (idrijski žlikrofi, smukavc, zelševka, etc.) may be also tasted in the following restaurants: Kmečki hram Fortuna  and Kos in Idrija and in Kendov dvorec hotel in  Sp. Idrija that was built in the 14th century; Kendov dvorec in Sp. Idriji full of relics of the past, continues with preserving the rich culinary tradition, in the way how the ancient local dishes are being prepared in the “nouvelle cuisine” style.

- Visit of the apiaries and the buying up the honey and other honey products by the bee-keepers: Čebelarstvo Rupnik in Sr. Kanomlja, Čebelarstvo Štravs in Straža pri Cerknem and Čebelarstvo Lapanja in Orehek pri Cerknem, if pre-arranged.

- Visit of the organic farms with the possibility of buying the fruits and vegetables and bread and other flour products: Košenija in Gorenjii Novaki and Pri Črvu in Prapetno brdo pri Slapu ob Idrijci, if pre-arranged.

- Visit of the farm Na Kalu in Idrijske Krnice with possibility of buying vegetables and bread and other flour products and cakes made traditionally, if pre-arranged.

Possibility of taste of cheese and other dairy products (cottage cheese, milk, whey, butter…) on the farm Ravan in Cerkljanski vrh pri Cerknem, if pre-arranged.

- Visit of the fruit growing farms with the possibility of buying in apples: the farm V Gradiš in Trebenče pri Cerknem and Pri Raspetu in Poče pri Cerknem, if pre-arranged.

- The horse lovers and the ridding lovers may go to the following tourist farms: Pri Flandru in Zakojca, Za robom in Gorenji Novaki, or the farms Pri Lampetu in Zadlog pri Črnem Vrhu nad Idrijo and Pri Kobalu in Kanomeljsko Razpotje, if pre-arranged.

- Famous bobbin lace from Idrija could be seen in Mednarodnem centru idrijske čipke in Idrija, in the museum in the castle Gewerkeneg or in Čipkarska šola (Bobbin lace school) in Idrija.

- Visit of Antonijev rov (Anthony’s gallery) in Rudnik živega srebra (mercury mine), that has been arranged into a museum and is considered to be the oldest preserved gallery in Slovenia as well as visit of the castle Gewerkenegg in Idrija, which has also been arranged into museum. Various collections with emphasis on the development of the mine may be visited, as well as the memorial rooms of writer France Bevk and politician Aleš Bebler and special exhibition of the bobbin lace.

Visit of the barrages built of stone – so called klavže on the Idrijca river, the Belca river or the Kanomljica river from the 18th century.  These were also named the Slovenian pyramids. In the past they were used for collecting large quantities of water for floating the wood until the mine in Idrija.

Visit of mighty mill wheel kamšt from the 18th century in Mejca park by the Idrijca river, which is considered the biggest wooden mill wheel in Slovenia and Europe.

Visit of Bevkova domačija in Zakojca (home of writer France Bevk) and the permanent exhibition in there.

- Visit of the collection in the museum Jurečeva šupa on the farmPr' Jureč in Ledine pri Sp. Idriji, with the show of rural work (soil-wheat-bread, etc.), if pre-arranged.

Visit of home Kamlonarše, which is situated in the vicinity of the partisan hospital Franja and is considered as a copybook case of architecturally interesting building heritage.

Visit of archeological park Divja baba under Šebrelje, where the oldest European musical instrument was found: the Neanderthaler flute. A multi-visual presentation of the park is available to seen.

- The Idrijca river invites the water sports lovers to come (canoe, kayak), in the summer also a lot of bathers.

- Due to extraordinary richness of fish species the  Idrijca river is very attractive for the sporting fishing lovers. Speciality of the Idrijca river is the pure-bred Soča trout.

- Possibility of attractive fishing in the intact nature in the region of Idrijsko and Cerkljansko, where you could enjoy peace and quiet, watching the beauties of the nature, being rich for the animals (chamois and other roe deer). It is also possible to meet bear. You can contact the following local hunting associations: Lovska družina Porezen, Cerkno, Goriška 5, 5282 Cerkno,T: ++386 5377 53 36; Lovska družina Otavnik, Orehek 2a,5282 Cerkno,M: ++386 41 596 676, E: ; Lovska družina Jelenk, Sp. Idrija, Idrijske Krnice ON,T: ++386 5 374 15 66).

• White slope lovers are invited during the winter to Ski centre Cerkno (1291m), with the skiing terrains that are appropriate for skiers of all categories – the beginners and the most advanced.

• The cross country skiing lovers could go to Vojskarska planota (1000–1200 m) in the winter time where Cross country skiing centre Vojsko offers settled lines for cross country skiing. The skiing equipment may also be rented; the cross country skiing courses are also available.

The open air performances connected with culinary art and wine:

Festival idrijske čipke – Bobbin lace festival in Idrija, the third weekend in June, includes the state competition in bobbin work for children and adults.

- Od zrna do kruha  - From grain to bread in Ledine, the second Sunday in August; the show of rural work: harvest, thrashing, rough cleaning, fine cleaning and other. You could also smell freshly baked bread from the baker’s oven made by the local ladies of the house.

Pr’farski štrukljevc – local fest, the 15th of August, since forever it has been dedicated to the patroness of the parish (the church of Mary on the rock). To celebrate this feast a various dishes are prepared, the main dish is sirov štrukelj.




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