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Roaming throughout the Cerkljansko mountains and Idrijsko by bicycle or on foot

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Relaxed roaming throughout various terrains of meadows, above the valleys and ravines and narrow and steep gorges of the Idrijca river and the Cerknica river may be experienced by bike or on foot. A lot of marked paths are available.

• Lodging with half board or lunch/supper on the following tourist farms: Želinc in Straža, Pri Flandru in Zakojca, Pr' Mark in Črnem vrh nad Idrijo, Na Kanomeljskem Razpotju in Sr. Kanomlji, Pri belem kamnu in Vojsko, Za robom in Gorenji Novaki  and Grapar in Planina pri Cerknem, where you could taste appetizing local dishes if pre-arranged.

• Selected local dishes may be also tasted on the following tourist farms: Pr' Jureč in Ledine pri Sp. Idriji, Žerovc in Gorenja Trebuša, Pr' Petrič in Sp. Kanomlja and Likar in Vojsko, if pre-arranged.

• Lodging on the tourist farm Pr' Jureč in Ledine pri Sp. Idriji is possible for preschool children and school age children only, of pre-arranged.

• Typical dishes of the region (idrijski žlikrofi, smukavc, zelševka, etc.) may be also tasted in the following restaurants: Kmečki hram Fortuna  and Kos in Idrija and in Kendov dvorec hotel in  Sp. Idrija that was built in the 14th century;Kendov dvorec in Sp. Idriji full of relics of the past, continues with preserving the rich culinary tradition, in the way how the ancient local dishes are being prepared in the “nouvelle cuisine” style.

- By the confluence of the Idrijca river and the Belca river the summer heat may be beaten by swimming in the popular natural baths called Pri Lajštu,

- Several possibilities for cycling throughout the various terrain:  Kontrabantarska pot po Ledinski planoti, Po poteh piščali in kavern po Šebreljsko Krnški planoti,Po Bloudkovih poteh na Črnovrški planoti, Po Vojskarski planoti, po Krajinskem parku Zgornja Idrijca; the paths are appropriate for advanced or less advances cyclists.

- Possibility of trekking on the marked paths where the view is magnificent: Idrijsko-Cerkljanska planinska pot, Idrijsko –Cerkljanska pot-1Na vrh Kobalovih planin, Sprehajalne poti v okolici Cerknega, Na Porezen (1.630 m); you could return your strengths with a delicious stew in: Dom na Poreznu,Planinski dom na Črnem Vrhu nad Idrijo (1.291m), Pirnatova koča na Javorniku 81.291m), koča na Hleviški planini.

- Lovers of skydiving may fly in tandem and have a bird’s eye view of Cerkljansko. 

- Walk through the vast regional park Krajinski park Zgornja Idrijca, and a lot of sights are available: Rake, Divje jezero, picturesque valley of Strug, many gorges: Kramaršca and Bedrova grapa, Klavže na Idrijci…..

- Visit and walk around the karst lake Divje jezero pri Idriji, the deepest natural lake in Slovenia. The lake is hidden beneath the precipitous walls of the north brow of the foothills of a mountain Črnovrška planota.



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