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Embraced by the mighty white birches and the warm Kolpa river

• Lodging with half board or lunch/supper on the tourist farms: Jakljevič in Grabrovec by Metlika, Črnič in Grabrovcu by Metlika, Ob izviru Krupe (the springs of the Krupa river) in Krupa, the Grabrijan family in Adlešiči, Pri Štefaniču in Dragatuš, Čemas in Zilje by Vinica and Žagar in Damelj by Vinica where you could taste appetizing dishes and wines of the region of Bela krajina if pre-arranged.

• Possibility of staying in apartments on the following tourist farms: Jakljevič in Grabrovec by Metlika, Pecel in Maline by Semič where you could taste excellent organic wines, the tourist farm Konda from Stari trg by the Kolpa river and by the Papež family in Banja Loka by the Kolpa river if pre-arraged.

• Selected dishes and wines of the region of Bela krajina may be also tasted on the following excursion tourist farms: Bajuk in Radovica, Bahor on Tanča gora, Dragovan in Grabrovec by Metlika, by Jokovčan on the Anzlova gora by Semič and by the Klajn family in Selo by Semič, if pre-arranged.

• Appetizing dishes and selected wines from the region of Bela krajina could be tasted in the following restaurants: Gostišče Veselič in Podzemelj, Gostišče Župančičev hram in Dragatuš, Balkovec in Mali Nerajc by Črnomelj and Madronič in Vinica.

• Visit of a wine cellar and possibility of tasting the selected wines from the region of Bela krajina from the local wine producers: in Vinska klet of Kmetijska zadruga Metlika (Metlika cooperative) which is the biggest in the region of Bela krajina, Vinska klet Prus in Krmačina by Metlika, Vinogradništvo Pečarič in Čurile by Metlika, Vinogradništvo Mavretič in Drašiči, the Bahor tourist farm, the Bajuk tourist farm in Radovica, Vinogradništvo in sadjarstvu Malnarič in Vavpča vas by Semič, Jakljevič in Grabrovec by Metlika, Vinogradništvo Absec in Mihelja vas by Črnomelj in Vinarsko informacijski center Bela krajina in Črnomelj, if pre-arranged.

- Visit of the apiaries and the buying up the honey and other honey products by the bee-keepers: Čebelarstvo Maksimiljan Vida in Metlika, Čebelarstvo Pavlin in Selo by Semič and Čebelarstvo Sever Jože in Semič, if pre-arranged.

- Visit of the Filak farm in Griblje with the possibility of buying in the fruit products (dried fruits, juices, pear spirit (viljamovka), jams and fruit liqueurs), if pre-arranged; the farm has well settled foreshore by the Kolpa river and the playground for seven-a-side and beach volley.

- Visit of the Krupa river springs, which tend to be the biggest and the most beautiful karst springs in the region of Bela krajina. Also the proteus might be found in the springs.

• Several possibilities for trekking on the marked paths: Trdinova pot, Kraška učna pot od Lebice do Krupe, Pot po Semiški gori, Pohodniške poti po Mirni gori and Evropska pešpot (European Footpath), Mlinarska pot from Vinica to Damelj, Sejemska pešpot from Vinica to Žuniči, Župančičeva pot from Dragatuš to Vinica, Najjužnejša slovenska pešpot (the southest Slovenian footpath), Grajsko gozdna učna pešpot, Belokranjska čebelarska učna pot, Rudarska pešpot, Belokranjska partizanska pešpot, Učna pot Kučar Kolpa, Pešpot okoli Bečke jame, Učna pot Zdenc Vidovec, Božakovo, Urbanova pot, Pot na Krašnji Vrh.
Going walking trough the regional park of Lahinja (Krajinski park Lahinja), in the vicinity of Črnomelj, where you could admire the rich cultural heritage and preserved marshy flora and fauna or discover details in the regional park of Kolpa (Krajinski park Kolpa).

Friends of the heights and skydiving may go to the Smuk hill (547 m) above Semič with the airfield for skydivers and hang-gliders.

• During the winter the friends of the white slopes may go to Ski center Bela (Smučarski center Bela), being spread out in the region of Dolenjska, Bela krajina, Suha krajina, Ljubljana and Croatia and located below the peak of Pogorelec at the height of 965 metres.

• Visit of the city museum collection in the castle of Črnomelj in which the life of the Črnomelj people is being presented, as well as the picture of Črnomelj from the antiquity to the present times, and the collections of the Museum of the region of Bela krajina in the castle of Metlika.

• Visit of the Slovenian fire-fighting museum of Dr Branko Božič and the Kambič Gallery in Metlika.

• Visit of the commemorative collection of the great poet Oton Župančič in the birthplace in Vinica showing his life and rich work.

• Visit of Šokčev dvor in Žuniči – typical farmhouse in the area nearby the Kolpa River, also protected cultural monument. It is possible to visit the rustic room with the original furniture and old garments.

• Visit of the famous place of pilgrimage Tri fare in the village of Rosalnice by Metlika; the complex consists of three fine gothic churches.

The open air performances connected with the culinary art and wine

- Vinska vigred, third weekend in May, in the centre of Metlika.
- Jurjevanje, third weekend in June in Črnomelj, it is deemed to be the oldest festival of folklore in Slovenia.
- Semiška ohcet, third weekend in July in Semič.
- Praznovanje jeseni v Beli krajini (Celebrating of the autumn in the region of Bela Krajina) in Semič, the end of October or the beginning of November.
- Mednarodno ocenjevanje in razstava medu in izdelkov iz medu (International judging and the exhibition of honey and honey products) in Semič, in the middle of November.

Further information on the tourist arrangements in the region of Bela krajina is available from the local tourist offices: TIC Metlika, TIC Črnomelj and TIC Semič.



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