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A Tour of the Brkini

• Accommodation with half-board or lunch/dinner on the following tourist farms: Pri Filetu in Slope near Kozina, Jenezinovi near Prem, Dujčeva domačija in Škoflje, where you can taste delicious local and regional dishes of the Brkini region; by previous arrangement.

• Accommodation in apartments on tourist farms: Jankovi in Vremski Britof and Boštjančič in Brce near Ilirska Bistrica; by previous arrangement.

• Possibility of camping on the Dujčeva domačija tourist farm in Škoflje; by previous arrangement.

• You can taste chosen regional dishes on the following excursion farms as well: Benčič in Vareje near Vremski Britof, Štemberger in Vrbica near Ilirska Bistrica, Pri Čukovih in Mihele near Kozina and Ivankovi in Prem; by previous arrangement.

• You can taste and buy different kinds of cheese with a visit to the farm and dairy on the Mahne farm in Tatre; by previous arrangement. (

• You can taste and buy goat's milk cheese and skuta (cottage cheese) with a visit to the Štemberger farm and dairy in Vrbica near Ilirska Bistrica; by previous arrangement.

• You can taste and buy sheep's milk cheese and organically produced milk with a visit to a farm on the Vremščica mountain; by previous arrangement.
From Vremščica there is a wonderful view of Nanos, Slavnik and Snežnik; it is accessible on foot or by car, and is especially attractive in May, when it is covered by lush fields of wild daffodils, peonies and irises.

• You can also buy fruit and visit a fruit-producing farm owned by Zdravko Vatovec in Tatre; by previous arrangement.

• You can taste and buy brandy on the Prelc farm in the village of Barka; by previous arrangement.

• There are numerous possibilities for cycling along marked circular routes near Divača with a total length of 59 km (around Vremščica, in the Padež valley and to the village of Lokev).

• Horse lovers can head to the following farms: Boštjančič in Brce, or Pri Filetu in Slope near Kozina, where you can enjoy riding in the arena or in nature.

• Visit the 13th century Prem Castle in Prem, where you can also see several interesting local museum collections.

• Visit the mill and the so-called »black kitchen« on the Novak farm in Topolc, an important ethnological site in the Ilirska Bistrica municipality, representing the milling tradition of the area; by previous arrangement.

• Visit the Church of the Assumption in Gradišče, which boasts famous 15th-century frescoes, two bell towers and three naves. 

• Visit the Škrateljn homestead in Divača. This 17th-century farm is considered the oldest preserved Karst homestead; it also holds a permanent exhibition dedicated to Ita Rina, the first Slovenian movie star.

• Don't miss a visit to numerous Karst caves: the magnificent Škocjan Caves, a Unesco World Heritage Site, as well as the caves of Vilenica and Dimnice.

• For all hiking fans there are various hiking trails, such as the picturesque Via Alpina, a circular trail from Zavrh to Barka, or the trail along the canyon of the river Reka that will take you to the Škocjan natural bridge.

• Numerous hiking trails lead to the Vremščica mountain, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view towards the Adriatic Sea and the Vipava Valley.

• Take a hike along the Kette Trail, dedicated to poet Dragotin Kette, which will take you from Ilirska Bistrica to Prem in about three hours. You can hike on this well-marked trail all year round.

• During the winter months, you can go skiing, sledding or cross country skiing in the embrace of the magnificent Snežnik forests in the ski centres of Sviščaki and Mašun, whereas in spring, summer or autumn you can take a walk along the forest educational trail.

- Carnival with »Škoromati« (local carnival characters), Ilirska Bistrica, February
- Shepherds’ Games in Senožeče, last weekend in July
- Chestnut Picnic in Rodik, October
- Chestnut Festival, October
- Plum Days in Slivje, September


Destination: Karst
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