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During special culinary events, the Slovenian countryside can enchant even the most entrenched urbanite. Gather around the pots of steaming bograč goulash, the competitions for the best kranjska klobasa sausage and at world meetings for lovers of sauté potatoes, and get to know your loved ones better and encounter friendly strangers. Some of the biggest culinary events coincide with St. Martin’s feast or martinovanje, when the must turns into wine. In several parts of the country you can enjoy cherry and chestnut festivals.
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MapA bike tour around Lake Cerknica,  Cerknica

A journey from Stična to Škocjan na Dolenjskem

MapA tour around the towns of Kobarid and Tolmin,  Kobarid

MapA tour of the Bizeljsko-Sremič Wine Route,  Bizeljsko

MapA Tour of the Brkini,  Ilirska Bistrica

A tour of the rocky Karst, on foot or by bike

A tour of the sunny Vipava Valley, on foot or by bike

MapA trip to the Polhov Gradec Dolomites landscape park – Between Ljubljana and the Polhov Gradec Hills,  Ljubljana

MapAdventures in the land of Jurij Vega - Dol pri Ljubljani,  Dol pri Ljubljani

Adventures on St. Emma’s pilgrim’s trail from Mokronog to Stična

Along the Istrian Wine Road / The scent of the Mediterranean – in the land of olives, refošk wine and fish

MapAround Ljubljana on a bike,  Ljubljana

Between Ilirska Bistrica and Kozina – along the Brkini Fruit Road

Bobbin lace, the Slovenian pyramids and žlikrofi from Idrija

Carnival merrymaking in the region of Cerkljansko in the company of the local masks called cerkljanski lavfarji

MapCerknica Carnival,  Cerknica

Cherry Festival in Brda

Embraced by the mighty white birches and the warm Kolpa river

MapEnjoy a holiday break in the Upper Soča Valley – visit the town of Bovec, the heart of the Upper Soča Valley,  Bovec

MapExperience the life on the dairy farm Jelinčič in the village of Soča,  Bovec

MapExplore the countryside between Vrhnika and Planinsko polje,  Logatec

MapExplore the town of Medvode and its surroundings,  Ljubljana

MapFor horse and riding lovers in the Brkini,  Kozina

MapFrom a castle courtyard to canoeing and kayaking on River Krka,  Bizeljsko

From beer to wine - from Grosuplje to Novo mesto / In the land of cviček and friendly people

MapFrom cultural heritage to authentic food,  Bizeljsko

MapFrom Ljubljana to Zasavje / The hills of Zasavje welcome you,  Ljubljana

MapFrom Notranjska to the Brkini,  Cerknica

Getting the organic products from the farms in the region of Bela krajina in the Kolpa valley

Grape harvest in the Goriška Brda and Nova Gorica region

Grape harvest in the Vipava Valley

MapGrape harvest on Karst tourist farms,  Tomaj

MapGrape harvesting on the Bizeljsko-Sremič Wine Route,  Bizeljsko

MapIdrija žlikrofi,  Idrija

In the land of breathtaking views – A tour of the Goriška Brda and Nova Gorica region

In the land of cherries, apricots and excellent wines

In the land of indigenous grape varieties - pinela, zelen and klarnica, and of delicious Vipava fruit

In the land of teran wine, kraški pršut (Karst prosciutto ham) and Lipizzaner horses

MapLearn about life on the farm at the organic tourist farm Pri Lazarju in Podgrad,  Ljubljana

MapLet's make a delicious ajdov potancelj and bizeljska mlinčevka on the Balon tourist farm,  Bizeljsko

Martinovanje (the Saint Martin feast) on the tourist farm in the land of metliška črnina (red sort of grapes)

MapOil-Pressing Center beside the Drava River,  Ormož

On the farms Tušar and Grapar there you can learn how to prepare local dishes smukavc and luštrkajca

On the tourist farm Ob izviru Krupe (By the springs of the Krupa river) you can be taught to prepare belokranjska pogača

MapOn the tourist farm Pri Martinovih you can learn how to make local dishes: corn prga and other delicious deserts,  Bizeljsko

MapPlanika Kobarid Dairy,  Kobarid

MapRafting on Sava River – a tour from Radeče to Sevnica and along the picturesque Upper Dolenjska Wine Road,  Bizeljsko

Roaming throughout the Cerkljansko mountains and Idrijsko by bicycle or on foot

Roaming throughout the region of Bela krajina by bicycle or by boat

MapSlovenian Wine Route,  Novo Mesto

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