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Rašica near Velike Lašče, Memorial House of Primož Trubar

Rašica 1315 Velike Lašče
++386 1 788 10 06, ++386 41 905 513
By the stream below the settlement of Rašica stands "Trubar's" Temek mill. The house is located at the place where Primož Trubar is said to have been born in an older house (Rašica, 9. 6. 1508 -Derendingen (Gemany), 28. 6. 1586). He was the originator of Slovenian literature and a Protestant clergyman who changed our mother tongue into a literary language with his two books: the Spelling Book (Abecednik) and Catechism (Katekizem).

In 1528 the village and the old mill was supposedly burnt down by the Turks. Temko mill was renovated. It received its present form in the 19th century. The wheels of the mill turn but the inner part has not been renovated to the last detail. In the complex by the mill stand a large building and a saw, which operated until 1965. At the 400th anniversary of Trubar's death, a memorial exhibition was arranged in the renovated upper storey of Temko mill. It follows the life path of Primož Trubar, his work and his image as conceived by different artists. In the large building there is a smaller refreshment stand and a local gallery.

In 1952, at the 400th anniversary of the first Slovenian printed book, a monument was set up for Trubar in the village, not far from the mill. It is comprised of a pyramid-like core on a pedestal and decorated with reliefs (architect Vinko Glanz, sculptor Vlado Stoviček).


Public inst. Trubarjevi kraji 
Stritarjeva cesta 17 
Velike Lašče 
Tel. : +386 1 788 10 06 

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GPS Northing (N) : 45,8515 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,6227 

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Administrator : Javni zavod Trubarjevi kraji | ++386 1 788 10 06 |
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