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Rihemberk Castle

The extensive castle stands on a hill with a view, probably the remains of an older fortress south of the settlement. It is accented by a dominant central cylindrical tower. The castle was mentioned as early as the end of the 12th century as the residence of the Rihembergs. In 1649 it became the possession of the Lanthieri counts, who resided in it until the last World War. The fortress controlled the crossroads of important routes across the Karst in the direction of Trieste and the Friuli Plain.

From the fortified central tower the medieval castle grew at the selected location into an extensive settlement with Renaissance walls, cylindrical towers, residential tracts, and a chapel with Baroque elements. It was furnished luxuriously.  A terraced courtyard above the palace was set up as a platform with a cistern. Larger reconstructions with romantic elements of battlements were added in the 19th century.  After the end of World War II the castle was mined and burnt down for no real reason. All the fittings were destroyed.
The building still possesses the characteristics of a Mediterranean fort with a fortified nucleus and dominant cylindrical tower. The castle has been renovated continuously. By 1957 the outer walls had been refurbished and by 1986 the palatial building had been rebuilt and reconstructed (architect Nataša Šumi). After Slovenian independence the renovations have been slowly continuing. The castle is accessible but not arranged for visits. In one of its towers there hides a zoological particularity: a large colony of bats.

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