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Polhov Gradec mansion

Polhov Gradec 61 1355 Polhov Gradec
++386 1 364 56 94
++386 1 364 56 94
The Polhov Gradec Mansion is the main attraction of Polhov Gradec. It is situated not far from the town centre, between Kalvarija and Polhograjska Gora. Its location makes it a perfect starting point to go hiking to the tops of the surrounding hills.

The mansion houses the local museum, which provides a valuable insight into the life of the local population and historic landmarks, a wedding hall, a public Internet access point and exhibition areas, which host the central cultural, culinary and other events.

The mansion's park is one of the few remaining symmetrical layout parks. In the courtyard, between the park and the mansion, stands the Neptune Fountain, with naked nymphs on the corners and a statue of Neptune, Roman god of sea, as the centrepiece.

A mere 300 m from the mansion is a stone building with a water reservoir, uncovering unknown destinies through different historical eras; according to folk tradition, faded signatures found inside the house are those of Napoleon's soldiers resting.

The owner of the mansion in the 19th century was Count Rihard Ursini Blagay. The plant Blagay’s Daphne, or Daphne blagayana, which grows on Polhograjska Gora, is named after him.

At the foot of Polhograjska Gora stands an obelisk-shaped monument, Count Blagay’s memorial to Frederick Augustus II, King of Saxony, who arrived here in 1838 to admire the freshly discovered Blagay’s Daphne species.



Polhograjska graščina 
Polhov Gradec 61 
Polhov Gradec 
Tel. : ++386 1 364 56 94 
Fax : ++386 1 364 56 94 
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GPS Northing (N) : 46,0675 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,314 
Notice of discounts : Guided tours of the Polhov Gradec Mansion and the local museum (45 minutes). Admission: EUR 2.1 for individual visitors EUR 1.7 per person for groups of 10+ EUR 1 concession for school children under 14 
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Administrator : Občina Dobrova - Polhov Gradec | ++386 1 360 18 00 |
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