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SPIRIT Slovenia, Slovenian Tourist Board is responsible for the promotion and marketing of Slovenian tourism at home and abroad through a range of activities. Cooperation and partnership with the tourism industry and other entities is of key importance. The presentations of individual sections that follow will serve to orient you with regard to cooperation in individual activities and projects relating to the presentation of Slovenia and the marketing of Slovenian tourism.

All interested parties are invited to contact the STB directly by telephone or e-mail:
e-mail: info(at)slovenia.info
Tel. ++386 1 589 85 50
Fax ++386 1 589 85 60

Slovenian tourist board (STB)
Annual reports
Institute Council and Board of Advisors
Slovenia-friendly office

Acting Director

Gorazd Mihelič, acting director

Head of Slovenian Tourist Board

- MSc. Karmen Novarlič Head of Slovenian Tourist Board phone: 01 589 85 50 e-mail: ...

Administrative office – legal, personnel and accounting department

This office ensures and monitors the success of all the business operations at STO.

Domestic Marketing and Public Relations

The Department for Public Relations in Slovenia is responsible for carrying out market communication activities

Foreign Relations and Marketing department

The foreign relations section covers communication with foreign media

Sales Department

The Sales Department is in charge of organising B2B activities in foreign markets (workshops and other events).

Fairs and Exhibitions Department

The fairs and exhibitions department works primarily to ensure the promotion of Slovenia

Promotion and Information Material Production Department

The Promotion and Information Material Production Department are based on the production

Research and Development Department

The mission of the Research and Development Department is to ensure R&D support

Department for the Development of IS and E-Business

The Department for the Development of IS and e-business ensures the unimpeded operation

EU Projects

- Manca Avsec   EU projects - EDEN   tel.: +386 1 589 85 78   e-mail: manca.avsec(at)spiritslovenia.si - ...

Representative office in Austria

The Slovenian tourism representative office has been operating in the Austrian market independently since 1998.

Representative office in Italy

The STB representative office in Italy promotes Slovenia as a tourist destination in the Italian market.

Representative office in Germany

The office in Germany is responsible for the promotion of Slovenia as a tourist destination for Germans. Emphasis ...

Information Office in London

The London Information Office started operations in January 2010

Information Office in Tokyo

As a response to the increasing number of Japanese guests in Slovenia, and in the desire to establish stronger ...



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