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Moravske Toplice - Tešanovci - Vučja Gomila - Selo - Prosenjakovci - Pordašinci - Motvarjevci - Bukovnica - Bogojina - Tešanovci - Moravske Toplice The road is real pearl. It is not easy, but still accessible for occasional bikers. On the whole road you will be experiencing a beautiful view. After the gradient to the Vučja Gomila, a descent to a romantic Rotund church in Selo with a great shadow of old chestnut-tree, waits for you. This cylindrical Rotunda with a shallow cupola and semicircular apse on its eastern side was probably built in the 13th century by the cruisaders. In the village Prosenjakovci you can visit the ruins of the old, 19-century castle Matzenau. 

moderately demanding 

Road cycling:

Length of tour : 35 km

Web site : 
Administrator : Občina - TIC Moravske Toplice | ++386 2 538 15 20 | | last modified: 06/03/2013

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