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Let` s go to Hungary

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Moravske Toplice - Zgornji Moravci - Prosenjakovci - Magyarszombatfa (H) - Gödörháza (H) - Velemér (H) - Szentgyöryvölgy (H) - Nemesnép (H) - Kobilje - Motvarjevci - Bukovnica - Bogojina - Tešanovci - Moravske Toplice The road is longest from all, but we recommended it to you, because it takes you to our neighbours. Hungarian villiges are very different from ours. Time goes by more slowley there. In pottery village Magyarszombatfa you can expect many artificers. A wooden bell-tower in Nemesnép is very interesting. The road is very hilly, but it has also many flat sestons. 

moderately demanding 

Road cycling:

Length of tour : 52 km

Web site : 
Administrator : Občina - TIC Moravske Toplice | ++386 2 538 15 20 | | last modified: 06/03/2013

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