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In Slovenia every biker can find a route that suits. Families with children and recreational bikers can head for the valleys and their quiet country roads with little traffic. Harder-core bikers who want to prove themselves can take on mountain passes, while mountain bikers can enjoy some of the most spectacular trails and biking parks in this part of Europe. And there's more: you can even get to see Slovenia’s subterranean world by bike.
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Road cycling

There are plenty of roads suitable for biking all across Slovenia. It is easy to find scenic roads with light ...

Mountain biking

With their tracks, macadam roads and forest trails, Slovenia’s upland regions might have been designed for ...


If you want to get the adrenalin flowing, there are mountain biking parks and race trails.

Family cycling

Families can take their bikes to quiet country roads in the lowlands, which are perfect for easy touring.

Cycle touring - trekking

Biking holidays are a great choice in Slovenia, as there is dedicated accommodation in every part of the country.

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Biking trails (85)
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Map1. Rateče - To the spring of Slovenia’s longest river,  Kranjska Gora

MapBavšica - K11,  Bovec

MapBoka - K1,  Bovec

MapČez drn in strn Bovške - off-road Bicycle Trail,  Bovec

MapDrameljska kolesarska pot,  Laze pri Dramljah

MapGozdec - Kanin - K4,  Bovec

MapKal Koritnica - Čezsoča - K2,  Kal-Koritnica

MapLepena - K8,  Lepena

MapLoška Koritnica - K14,  Log pod Mangartom

MapMangrt - K15,  Log pod Mangartom

MapMožnica - K13,  Bovec

MapOn the sunny side of the Bovec - K3,  Bovec

MapPredel - K12,  Bovec

MapRogaška Slatina – Podčetrtek – Olimje Bicycle Trail,  Podčetrtek

MapSource of the Soča River - K10,  Trenta

MapStol - K5,  Srpenica

MapVrsnik - K7,  Soča

MapVršič - K6,  Trenta

MapZadnjica - K9,  Trenta

MapAround Mt. Kanin - K16,  Bovec

Avče – dolina Doblarca – Pušno – Srednje – Kambreško – Ročinj - Avče

MapBetween Vipava and Karst,  Vipava

Birthplace of slovenian anthem

MapCastle bike trail,  Postojna

MapCave bike trail,  Postojna

MapCycle trail - Radovna valley,  Krnica

MapCycling path along Rudnica mountain range,  Podčetrtek

MapCycling path along Vonarje,  Podčetrtek

MapCycling path: K1 – With a bike along the land of Refošk wine,  Koper

MapCycling path: K2 – Around Tinjan,  Koper

MapCycling path: K3 – Along the Istrian villages of the Karst border,  Hrastovlje

MapCycling path: K4 – From the Karst border to the doorstep of Čičarija,  Zazid

MapCycling path: K5 – The path to Tinjan – from sea to stone,  Koper

MapCycling route Gorenje - L351,  Zreče

MapCycling route Križevec - L352,  Križevec

MapCycling route Rogla - L355,  Zreče

MapCycling route Skomarje - L354,  Zreče

MapCycling route Slovenske Konjice - L353,  Zreče

MapCycling route Stranice - Stenica - L356,  Zreče

MapCycling routes in the Sabotin area - biking to the front,  Solkan

DB - The Route of Health and Friendship Parenzana

MapDownhill-Kanin Mountain Bike Park,  Bovec

MapFamily cycling route arround Bovec,  Bovec

MapFrom Jasnica to Kolpa,  Ribnica

MapI don`t have any time and I`m in no mood,  Moravske Toplice

I`m under your spell

In the embrace of the Nanos plateau

MapInto the Land of Peter Klepec,  Kočevska Reka

MapJelovica Plateau Cycling Route,  Spodnja Lipnica

Jewels of Vipava countryside

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