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The Posavje region - Municipality of Brežice

A mountain biking and road cycling destination. For families, occasional and advanced recreational riders. The Krško-Brežice plain, the heart of the Posavje area, is surrounded by hills covered with forests, vineyards and orchards. Visitors to the area where the sub-Pannonian, sub-Alpine and Dinaric worlds meet flock to Terme Čatež, whose prime location and offer make it an ideal starting point for bicycle tours and family cycling tours. The region’s natural diversity is enhanced by the rich historical heritage, churches and museum collections. It is the quintessential traditional Slovenian region.

Cycling tours
The cycling trails of Posavje run for a total of 1,500 km over an area of 100,000 hectares, with Trdinov Vrh in the Gorjanci Hills, at 1,178 m the highest point. Local guides will help you choose the right cycling path for your skill and fitness level. All cycleways are waymarked and run along quiet roads and cart tracks, which makes them suitable for all bicycle types and skill levels. But there is more to the cycling tours than just sports and recreation; the cycling network takes in 200 sites of natural and cultural significance. The wine roads of the Posavje wine region are also included in the network of cycleways.
The “Cultural Track” circular trail combines recreation with culture, as it visits as many as six Posavje museums in a total distance of 100 kilometres. Advanced cyclists will relish the challenging 243-km-long “Mountain Track” circular trail with a total elevation gain of 5,800 m, which passes three castles of the Kozjansko area and Sveta Gora, a place of pilgrimage. By bicycle you can also discover and explore the sand storage caves that used to hold turnips, or repa as we call it in Slovene, and now wine, and are commonly referred to as repnice, a unique tourist attraction of the sandy Bizeljsko Hills.

Cycling packages
The five-day package includes:
- 4x half board at Gostilna Pension Les,
- a guided “Sand Adventure” cycling tour,
- a guided tour of Brežice and a wine cellar,
- a visit to Kostanjevica Cave,
- kayaking or canoeing down the Krka River,
- entry to Terme Čatež every day of your stay, and basic tourist insurance.
Price: EUR 340 per person (for 5–8 participants).

The seven-day package includes:
- 6x half board at Gostilna Pension Les,
- two guided cycling tours: “Around Posavje” and “Sand Adventure,”
- a guided tour of Brežice and a visit to the Posavje Museum and a wine cellar,
- a visit to Kostanjevica Cave,
- kayaking or canoeing down the Krka River,
- a visit to the Minorite monastery near Podčetrtek,
- swimming at Terme Olimje and a four-day pool pass for Terme Čatež.
Price: EUR 510 per person (for 5–8 participants).

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Road cycling:





Cycling tour profile
Lengths of individual cycling routes: 15–60 km
No. of marked routes: 30 main routes and 50 shorter sections
Lowest point: 135 m above sea level
Highest point: 1,178 m above sea level

Cycling marathon – Brežice sports weekend in June 

TIC Čatež ob Savi 
Topliška cesta 35 
Čatež ob Savi 
Tel. : ++386 7 493 67 57 
E-mail :  
Web site : 
GPS Northing (N) : 45,9017 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,5926 
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