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Koroška Colourful Valleys

The eastern edge of the Karavanke Alps introduces a land of valleys and mountains, which holds many attractions for cyclists. The cycling infrastructure is impressive, with more than 1,000 kilometres of different cycling routes. Keen cyclists will love the spectacular single trail network and unique underground cycling trips. There are numerous cycling events and competitions, which testifies to the local affection for mountain biking.

The eastern parts of the Koroška region are characterised by the Drava River, which carved a first-rate terrain for recreational and family cycling. The river flows between the hills of Kobansko and Kozjak on the country’s northern border and Pohorje to the south, which is a true paradise for mountain bikers and tourers.

Mountain Bike Park
Many mountain valleys in this part of the Karavanke Alps rise to Alpine peaks. The nearby woodland holds unlimited possibilities for mountain bikers thanks to its intricate network of dirt roads and cart tracks, which is why Slovenia’s first mountain bike park was started there. The network of well-tended mountain biking trails is waymarked with animal footprints, hence its name Traces of Wilderness. Črna na Koroškem, Mežica and Jamnica are the gateways to more than 350 km of cycling routes.

Underground Biking
Mountain bikes were built to ride mountains, but Koroška also boasts a unique 6 km waymarked cycling route that runs deep beneath the ground. It runs through the mysterious abandoned mine underneath Peca.

Kundi’s Biking Routes
Starting in Prevalje, the waymarked routes lead to Leše, Šentanel, Dolga Brda and Strojna. Some routes can be combined, so there are many different ways to explore the area with magnificent panoramic views of the mountains and valleys of Koroška.

Bike Base Jamnica
The centre of mountain bike tourism in the Koroška region, Bike Base Jamnica has a unique hotel Koroš and tourist farm Mikel with self-contained accommodation and a holiday home, offers a wide selection of guided tours, has a single trail park and organises tours around Slovenia.

Ekohotel Kmetija Koroš
This mountain bike centre made its name by opening the first cycling hotel and mountain bike park in the country. With more than ten years of experience, they relocated to a smaller but cosier hotel with a stunning panoramic backdrop – the mountains and forests of Koroška. Today Koroš, where three bicycle networks meet, is a unique hotspot for mountain biking and other mountain adventures. The farm was converted into a charming eco- and cyclist-friendly hotel, which offers comfortable accommodation and a unique selection of organic home-cooked menus. Mountain biking clearly left a huge mark on their lifestyle, which is evident from the hotel’s interiors. To relax, there are dedicated club rooms plus a sauna and a pool.

Single Trail Park
The tourist farm and its surroundings have a network of single trails ideal for a safe mountain bike
adventure. Take an easy route or a technically more difficult one to get ready for the tours ahead.

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The leading centre with information on cycling in Slovenia, SingleTrail camps, mountain bike
training courses, cycling tour guide training, massages for cyclists.

The international Drava Cycle Trail
The route winds its way through diverse scenery along the Drava River, to the old town of Dravograd and along the edge of the vast Pohorje forest. The international Drava Bicycle Trail is part of a European network of cycling routes. In Slovenia, the trail runs from Vič towards Maribor.

Cycling trail around Uršlja Gora 
The 41-km mountain bike trail runs along quiet country roads and dirt roads linking the small communities and farms, which dot the hillside of Uršlja Gora. The trail starts at the lake Ivarčko Jezero, a popular tourist recreation spot in Ravne na Koroškem, and it meets other trails running from the neighbouring Mežica and Mislinja valleys.

Pohorje Biking Transversal
The cycling trail runs along the ridges of Pohorje, connecting the eastern parts with the western. This transversal includes cycling trails from all the major centres around Pohorje. The ideal starting point for this exciting 75-km ride, on a trail which is waymarked in both directions, is the mountain hut Koča pod Kremžarjevim Vrhom near Slovenj Gradec

Road cycling:





Maps and guidebooks
- Mountain Bike Park map
- Mountain Bike Guide to the Mežica, Upper Drava and Mislinja valleys
- The River Drava - Cycling Guide

Cycling tours profile
Total distance: 580 km
No. of tours: 20
Marked routes: 14
Lowest point: 415 m above sea level
Highest point: 1,400 m above sea level

- Divja Jaga Freeride – June
- Trbonje MTB Marathon – June
- The Krejan Memorial – September
- Cycling around Uršlja Gora – September
- Cycling in Ravne – June 

TIC Dravograd 
Trg 4. julija 21 
Tel. : ++386 2 871 02 85 
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TIC Slovenij Gradec 
Glavni trg 24 
Slovenj Gradec 
Tel. : ++386 2 881 21 16 
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GPS Northing (N) : 46,5904 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,0196 


Region: Koroška
Place: Dravograd
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