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Bovec and its surroundings

The location away from major urban areas, diverse landscape and many natural, cultural and historical attractions to see while cycling make Bovec one of the most beautiful cycling destinations.
The numerous cycling routes through this picturesque valley and unspoilt landscape of Triglav National Park, which was carved by the emerald Soča River over centuries, are perfect for families, touring cyclists and mountain bikers, as well as riders looking for very difficult trails. The easy and lively routes, which run through cool forests, along rivers and streams, to World War I monuments and open-air museums, are great for recreational cyclists and families. Advanced cycling enthusiasts, however, will love the breathtaking views that open up on the high-mountain trails and the adrenaline rushes at the Kanin MTB Park. Hire a tour guide to make sure that your cycling trip is safe and that you are left with nothing but fond and long-lasting memories.

Cycling tours
The Bovec area boasts some of the country’s most popular mountain bike and road cycling tours,
ranging from only a few to almost 100 kilometres. Families and leisure cyclists can take one of
the many easy routes along the Soča, like the one leading to the village of Čezsoča or Koritnica.
Mountain bikers will love the numerous mountain trails over the slopes and peaks of the Julian
Alps, which are best experienced on a guided tour. Climbs to Stol, Lepena and Vrsnik are only some
of the challenging rides. Attractions such as the source of the Soča and Bavšica can be explored on
shorter tours with low elevation gains. For avid riders, there is the MTB Park, which boasts a 4.5km
trail with an elevation gain of 600 m.
Road cyclists will love Bovec for its two of the most popular climbs in the country – to Vršič and Mangart. Both are relatively short but with an elevation gain of well over 1,000m. You can also add additional kilometres – of distance or elevation – to your scoreboard by cycling around Kanin.

Cycling packages
The four-day package includes:
- 3x half board,
- a guided half-day tour around Bovec (various difficulty grades available),
- bicycle and safety helmet rental, insurance.
Prices start at EUR 217 per person.

The six-day package includes:
- 5x halfboard,
- two guided half-day tours (various difficulty grades available) around Bovec,
- a moderate full-day cycling tour,
- bicycle and safety helmet rental, insurance.
Prices start at EUR 430 per person.

Natural and cultural attractions:
Natural: Soča River, the Boka waterfall, the Great Gorge of the Soča, Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden, Kaninski Podi and Prestreljeniško Okno, Mlinarica, the source of the Soča, basins at Kršovec, the Kluže ravine, the Koritnica basins, the Nemčlja basins, Mangart Saddle, lakes Krnsko and Dupeljsko Jezero, lakes Kriška jezera, etc.

Fortifications, open-air museums and monuments to the Isonzo Front (Kluže Fortress, fortress and memorial at Predel, open-air museums: Ravelnik and Čelo), the Matija Komac Beehive, Mt Mangart, churches (St Joseph in Soča, the Trenta Valley, St Stephen in Log pod Mangrtom, St Lenart, Virgin Mary in Polje, St Urh), the memorial to Dr. Julius Kugy, Dom Trenta – Triglav National Park information centre, and the Trenta Museum, etc.

Additional offer
Bicycle and equipment rental, tour guide hire, other sporting activities (hiking, theme trails, kayaking, rafting, canyoning, river sledding, paragliding and aviation, caving, horseback riding, fishing, climbing, golf, skiing, etc.), wellness, etc

Maps and guidebooks
- The Cycling Routes brochure (in Slovene, English, German and Italian)
- The Bovec Guide (in Slovene, English, German and Italian)
- MTB guide Slowenien: 30 Mountainbiketouren im Soča-Tal (in German)


Road cycling:





Cycling tour profile
Total distance: 395km
No. of tours: 17
Marked routes: 17
Lowest point: 370m above sea level
Highest point: 2,040m above sea level

- Kugy’s Vršič Climb (June 2009)
- Mangart Climb by Bicycle (August 2009) 

TIC Bovec 
Trg golobarskih žrtev 8 
Tel. : ++386 5 389 64 44 
Tel. 2 : ++386 31 388 700 
E-mail :  
Web site : 
GPS Northing (N) : 46,3382 
GPS Easting (E) : 13,552 
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