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Across The Valley of the Pivka Lakes

Lokalna turistična pisarna Pivka
Kolodvorska 14 6257 Pivka
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Notranjska is the region in the transition from Primorska to Central Slovenia. This is a karst landscape with world famous karst phenomena. Many use the term Notranjska Karst Triangle to identify the area between the Postojna basin, Planina polje, and Cerknica polje which covers the historically best known karst system. The Postojna Cave and the disappearing Cerknica Lake are world renowned, and there are numerous caves, sinks, and forested karst plateaus. All this natural wealth will be united in the Snežnik Regional Park, and cyclists will be able enjoy it along numerous trails. For the moment, these trails exist only around Logatec, Cerknica, and Pivka.
The Zgornja Pivka basin lies on the west side of the vast forested Snežnik plateau. It was created by the mysterious Pivka River that meanders below the viewpoint peak of Sveta Trojica and eventually disappears into the famous Postojna cave. In contrast to the dry Snežnik plateau, the bottom of the basin is full of springs, swampy meadows, and small periodic lakes that fill numerous hollows during the rainy seasons and the spring thaw. The best known lakes are Palško jezero and Petelinjsko jezero.
Marked bicycle trails lead us from Pivka, where the information post and railway station are located, to the periodic lakes. However, it is not just the lakes that are worth visiting: it is the landscape itself that attracts us with its grassy vastness and imposing bordering forests together with the interesting cultural heritage of villages, churches, castles, and ancient refuges from Turkish raids.

Destination: Karst
Place: Pivka
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