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Pohorje Cycling Route (PT)

Maribor, 2000 Maribor
Explore Pohorje by bike and discover the wonders of intact nature and Pohorje's sights from Church of St. Bolfenk on Maribor side to the bottom of Kremžarjev vrh in Koroška on the other side of Pohorje! On the slopes of Pohorje there is a vibrant 70 km long cycling route that connects its eastern part with the western.

The route is marked in both directions (sign PT), and is linked to a number of local bike paths or forest roads that lead from all major centres around Pohorje.

Along with a dense network of forest roads and cart tracks there are still a number of hidden moors and pastures, brooks with waterfalls and other natural pearls to be explored on Pohorje. Enjoy them!


Grado di difficolta

Durata della gita : 75 km

Catering offers en route: Dom na Glažuti (Hostel on Glažuta), Koča na Klopnem vrhu (Alpine lodge on Klopni vrh), Koča na Pesku (Alpine lodge on Pesek), Koča na Pesniku (Alpine lodge on Pesnik), Grmovškov dom (Grmovšek hostel on Kope), Koča Planinc (hostel Planinc), Koča pod Kremžarjevim vrhom (Alpine hostel on Kremžarjev vrh).

Starting point: Lower cable car station (Maribor)

Route: Lower cable car station - Šumik - Koča na Klopnem vrhu - Koča na Pesku - Koča na Pesniku - Grmovškov dom - Koča Planinc - Koča pod Kremžarjevim vrhom.


Zavod za turizem Maribor - Pohorje 
Partizanska cesta 47 
Telefono : ++386 2 234 66 11 
Fax : ++386 2 234 66 13 
E-mail :  
Sito internet : 
GPS Northing (N) : 46,5619 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,6499 
Destinazione: Maribor - Pohorje
Località: Maribor
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Cycling Map Pohorje


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Curatore : Zavod za turizem Maribor - Pohorje | ++386 2 234 66 11 |
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