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Bicycle trails in the Kras Park

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Organizer : Turistično informacijski center Sežana

Address: Partizanska 63 6210 Sežana
Phone: ++386 5 731 01 28
An extensive plateau spreads across the hinterland of the Bay of Trieste where numerous karst phenomena developed on the limestone bedrock and carried the name and the glory of Kras into the world. The preservation of the landscape, the diverse vegetation, the numerous caves, potholes, and other karst phenomena, the unique architecture, red soil, and characteristic wines-all these are reasons for the development of the Kras Park that will preserve the natural and cultural heritage in this transition area between the sea and the interior for future generations. A smaller area around the Škocjan Caves is already protected and on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites. The pleasant and undemanding riding on the slightly undulating plateau world can be varied with more difficult ascents to the peaks at the edge of the plateau. Due to the mild climate not far from the sea, cycling is possible in all seasons but is most beautiful in spring and autumn. This region will draw cyclists who desire a safe and diverse landscape away from busy roads and enjoy dirt roads and tracks along with asphalt roads. With the support of the European Union's PHARE program, an extensive network of bicycle trails totaling a good 360 kilometers has been created. By combining trails, we can make trips of various lengths and degrees of difficulty, from short family trips to strenuous mountain bike trips. We can ride to viewpoint peaks on the edge of the plateau, follow the line of an abandoned railroad from World War I, admire the Lipizzaner horses in Lipica, visit the oldest tourist cave in the world at Vilenica, explore remarkable blind valleys or the steep cliffs at the edge of the karst plateau, stroll through pleasant karst villages, or just enjoy the tranquil trails that run between long rocky walls. The railway links the trails, the starting points are furnished with information signs, and there are resting places at the most typical sites. The numbered trails are uniformly marked at junctions with metal signposts. For orientation, a cycling map is available with descriptions of suggested trips. 

Along with cycling, we can enjoy numerous other activities on the karst plateau such as visiting karst caves, horseback riding, golf, and walks on organized footpaths. The nearby coast offers swimming and other beach pleasures. Accommodation is possible in hotels, campgrounds, tourist farms, and private rooms.  
Administrator : Zavod za šport, turizem in prosti čas Sežana | ++386 5 764 02 50 | | last modified: 02/10/2012
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Destination: Karst
Place: Sežana

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