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Zavetišče pod Špičkom mountain shelter

Cesta Železarjev 1, 4270 Jesenice
++386 4 586 60 70, ++386 41 543 039

Altitude : 2064 m

Open for guests

The mountain shelter is open from the beginning of July until the end of September.
Dormitory beds : 30 
No. of beds in winter : 4 
Seating inside : 5 
The mountain shelter is located on the edge of the scree on the east side of a rocky Špiček which can be seen from the distance.
In the indoor area there are 5 seats and 20 seats at the table in front of thee shelter; there are 30 communal beds and in the winter room 4 beds; the indoor area is heated by the stove; in the winter room there is a cooker; toilet, rainwater, gas lightening.
The view
From the shelter there is one of the most beautiful views in the Julian Alps. Towards the east spreads the pine forested basin Rutarska Trenta, which descends into the Zadnja Trenta Valley, over which one can see farther towards the Zgornja Trenta, which is surrounded by Prisojnik, Razor, Planja and Pihavec, behind the latter the Triglav can be seen; on the southeast and east side one first sees the ridge above the Zadnja Trenta Valley with Ušje and Trentski Pelc, then the steep rocky slopes of Pelci and Vršac; on the west close behind the shelter rise Mali Ozebnik and Vrh Zelenic, and on the north Veliki Ozebnik, which hides the view on Jalovec, and to the right of Veliki Ozebnik spread the steep slopes of Velika Dnina. Access Car:
along the local road, which turns from the Vršič road a little below Kugy's monument and leads past Koča pri izviru Soče mountain hut to the Zadnja Trenta Valley to Florjan 4km, from there to the hut 3h30; possible also across the Vršič Pass, the access takes a little more, 4h, but it is not as steep as from Trenta. The BS Vršič, Koča pri izviru Soče mountain hut, Na Logu v Trenti: from Vršič along the SPP (Slovenian Alpine Trail) and across the south slopes of Mojstrovka and Velika Dnina 4h; from the BS at Koča pri izviru Soče mountain hut and along the SPP across the Trenta alpine pasture 4h; from Log in Trenta past the hut Koča pri izviru Soče 5h30.
Interesting tours:
Jalovec (2645) 2h30; Bavški Grintavec (2347 m) across the grass-covered slopes of Pelci and Skutnik and the saddle Kanja 5 to 6h.
Access to other mountain huts 
Koča pri izviru Soče mountain hut (886m)4h; Tičarjev dom na Vršiču mountain hut (1620m)4h; Erjavčeva koča na Vršiču mountain hut (1525m)4h15; Poštarski dom na Vršiču mountain hut (1688m)4h15.
GPS Northing (N) : 46,4103 
GPS Easting (E) : 13,6778 

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