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Mozirska koča na Golteh mountain hut

++386 3 583 11 21

Mountain hur keeper : Ana Pečovnik 
Altitude : 1356 m

Open for guests

The hut is permanently open.
No. of beds : 50 
Seating inside : 70 
The mountain hut is located on the south slope of Boskovec, the highest peak of Golte or Mozirske planine Hills.
In two restaurant areas there are 70 seats, a bar counter; there are 10 seats at the terrace; there are 19 rooms with 50 beds, no communal beds; toilets, washing rooms and showers with warm and cold water on all floors, central heating, running water, electricity, telephone.
The view
From the hut Mozirska koča there is a beautiful view towards the south on the Upper Savinja Valley (Gornja Savinjska dolin) with Mozirje and Nazarje, Gora Oljka, the Celje Basin (Celjska kotlina), Dobrovlje and the Menina Plateau (Menina planina); towards the west one can see Lepenatka, Veliki Rogac and the Savinja Alps with Ojstrica; from the nearby edge on the east of the house one can see Šaleška dolina Valley with Velenje and Šoštanj, and in the background Paški Kozjak and the Pohorje Massif. There is an even wider view from Medvedjak, where there is a viewing tower; from there one can see Raduha, Peca, Travnik, Komen, Smrekovec and Uršlja gora as well.
Access Car:
the local asphalt road from Mozirje to Šmihel 7km, from there the forest road to the parking place on Planinska ravna (1140 m) 5km, from where are 30 minutes of ascent. The BS Mozirje, Žekovec, Rečica ob Savinji, Ljubno ob Savinji, Šoštanj; the RS Florjan; gondola cable car Žekovec-Golte: from Mozirje past Radengunda 3h, or across Šmihel 3h30; from Žekovec (the lower station of the cable car) past the farm Kuglar 2h30; from Rečica past the hunting hut Lovska koča na Stonu 3h; from Ljubno past the farm Podlesnik and across the ski slope on Stari stani 3h30, or along TV (transversal) past Tašek, Jezernik and Stenšek and across the Praprotnica and Stari stani alpine pastures 3h30; from Šoštanj along Šentflorjanski graben and across Šmihel 4h; from Florjan along Šentflorjanski graben and across Šmihel 3h30; from the upper cable car station of the 15 minutes.
Interesting tours
Boskovec (1587 m) 1h; Ostri vrh (1584 m) 45 minutes; Medvedjak (1563 m) 1h; Smrekovec (1577 m) 3h.
Access to other mountain huts
Dom na Smrekovcu mountain hut (1377m) 2h30.
GPS Northing (N) : 46,3714 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,9039 
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Administrator : TIC Ljubno | ++386 3 839 17 83 |
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