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Planinska koča Vrh Svetih Treh Kraljev

++386 1 750 10 23, ++386 41 654 984

Mountain hur keeper : Janez Jereb 
Altitude : 823 m

Open for guests
open on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 

The hut is open from on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 1st May until 31st October.
Dormitory beds : 10 
Seating inside : 30 
The hut is located near the school close above the peak of the hill Vrh Sv. Treh Kraljev between  the valleys of the Poljanska Sora (Sovra) on the south and the Račeva on the north. Vrh Sv. Treh Kraljev is also the scattered settlement on the slope of the hill with the same name and on its peak is the church of Sv. Trije Kralji.
In the restaurant area there are 30 seats, a bar counter; there are 30 seats at the tables in front of the thut; toilets, a washing room with cold water; the restaurant area is heated by the stove, running water, electricity.
The view:
From the church on the top of the hill there is a beautiful view on all sides. On the east there are the nearby Polhov Gradec Hills (Polhograjsko hribovje), to the right one can see the Ljubljana Basin (Ljubljanska kotlina), behind it are the Kamnik Alps; towards the southeast above Barje rises Krim, in the same direction one can see the nearby Ulovka with ski slopes; on the south side spreads the plateau between the Logatec Basin (Logaška kotlina) and Žiri Bain (Žirovska kotlina), and Rovte in the vicinity, in the Logatec Basin one can see a part of Logatec and on the north above   the Logatec Basin rises Planina and the ski slopes on Ulovka, farther towards the south are Trnovski gozd, Javornik, Hrušica, Javorniki and Snežnik; on the west side is the hilly landscape towards the Žiri Basin where one can see  Žiri, and  the Idrija Hills (Idrijsko hribovje) towards the west; on the north side there are the nearby hills above the  Račeva Valley with   Lavrovec, Goli and  Žirovski vrh, and farther on the Škofja Loka mountains (Škofjeloško pogorje) with Blegoš, the Julian Alps with Triglav and the Karavanke.
Access Car, bus:
along the regional asphalt road Vrhnika-Žiri to Smrečje, from there along the local asphalt road to Vrh Sv. Treh Kraljev, from Vrhnika 17, from Žiri 9km; along the regional asphalt road Logatec-Rovte-Žiri to Rovte, from there along the local road to Vrh Sv. Treh Kraljev, from Logatec 21km; the parking place is at the hut. The BS Smrečje and Rovte: from Smrečje along the LPP (Local Alpine Trail) 45 minutes; from Rovte along the Inner Carniola Alpine Trail (Notranjska planinska pot) 1h.
Interesting tours
Vrh Sv. Treh Kraljev - at the church (884 m), 10 minutes.
Access to other mountain huts
Zavetišče na Planini shelter (733m) along the path Notranjska planinska pot, 3h; Planinski dom Alpina na Goropekah mountain hut (705 m) along the LPP 1h30.
GPS Northing (N) : 46,0111 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,1718 

Vrh Sv.Treh Kraljev

Destination: Karst
Place: Vrh Sv.Treh Kraljev
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Administrator : Občina Logatec | ++386 1 759 06 33 |
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