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Dragov dom na Homu mountain hut

++386 3 571 64 21

Mountain hur keeper : Ivan Pinter 
Altitude : 605 m

Open for guests
open on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 

The hut is open on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
No. of beds : 12 
Dormitory beds : 21 
Seating inside : 100 
The hut is located on the viewing hill Hom above the Savinja Valley by the church of Sv. Magdalena (St. Magdalene) from  14th century. In four restaurant areas there are 100 seats, a bar counter; there are 50 seats at the tables in front of the thut; there are 4 rooms with 12 beds, 21 communal beds; toilets, a washing room with cold water; central heating, running water, electricity, telephone. 
The view:
The view  On the east side above the   Savinja Valley are the risings of the north part of the Posavje Hills (Posavsko hribovje); in the vicinity rises Bukovica, in front of it are the settlements Griže and Migojnice, and behind towards the  Posavje Hills (Posavsko hribovje) is the hollow Zabukovško-Libojska kadunja, where the brown coal was dug until 1966; towards the northeast one can see the Celje Basin (Celjska kotlina), Konjiška gora and Boč, and on the east Donačka gora as eell; on the southeast one can clearly see   Malič  with the  RTV (transversal) tower; on the south side are the woody slopes of Gozdnik, Kamnik and Mrzlica; on  the west side is the hilly landscape of the north part of the Posavje Hills with Golava in the foreground, on its right one can see the  Savinja Valley towards  Preboldu, Braslovče and Polzela, Gora Oljka, Dobrovlja and Golte; towards the  Savinja Valley with Šempeter  and Žalec  spreads the plain Ponikevska planota, behind it rise Paški Kozjak, Uršlja gora and Pohorje, and  Golica in the background as well.
Access Car:
to the parking place, from where it takes 20 minutes to the thut, along the local asphalt roads from Žalec 8km and from Šempeter v Savinjski Dolini through Šešče and along the Kolje Valley through Matke 8km. The RS, BS Žalec, Šempeter v Savinjski dolini; the BS Migojnice, Zabukovica: from Žalec by the local bus or along the road to Migojnice 2,5km, or to Zabukovica 5km; from Migojnice (the BS in front of the post office Griže) across Boršt 1h30, along the stream Zibika and past Mežnar 2h, or across Bezovnik 2h; from Zabukovica 1h; from Šempeter through Šešče 2h.
Access to other mountain huts
Planinski dom na Mrzlici mountain hut (1093m) along the path below Kamnik 3h; Dom na Šmohorju (781m) along the path Savinjska pot 3h30; Dom pod Reško planino mountain hut (664m) through Zahom and past Baloh, Uplaznik, Fužinec, Koče, Huš, Strgar and Podbregar 4h; Planinski dom na Bukovici hut (568m) h30.
GPS Northing (N) : 46,2192 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,1258 


Place: Matke
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Administrator : Zavod za kulturo, šport in turizem Žalec | ++386 3 712 12 69 |
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