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Planinski dom na Jančah mountain hut

++386 1 898 41 91, ++386 1 367 10 29

Mountain hur keeper : Ana Mohar 
Altitude : 792 m

Open for guests

The thut is permanently open, working hours are from 8.00 until 22.00.
No. of beds : 21 
Dormitory beds : 25 
Seating inside : 80 
The hut is located on the hill Janški hrib, the highest peak of the Janško Hills (Janško hribovje) where at the nearby church lies the nucleus of the scattered village of the same name. In two restaurant areas there are 80 seats, there are 150 seats at the tables in front of the thut, bar; there are 6 rooms with 21 beds, there are 25 communal beds; toilet, washing room and shower with warm and cold water; central heating, rain water, electricity, telephone.
The view:
Towards the east one can see the Posavje Hills (Posavsko hribovje) with Kum, in front   are Ostrež with the village Polšnik, and on the southeast   the Lower Carniola Hills (Dolenjsko gričevje), in the background are Gorjanci and in the direction towards the south lie Kočevski Rog, Goteniški Snežnik and Veliki Snežnik, in the same direction there are the nearby villages   Javorje, Pristava and Obolno, the peak Kucelj, and in front of it the village Prežganje with the church; on the west there is the Ljubljana Basin (Ljubljanska kotlina) with   Ljubljana in the foreground, on the southwest are Kurešček, Mokrec and Krim, and in the background Javorniki and Nanos; on the west behind the  Ljubljana Basin rise the Polhov Gradec Hills (Polhograjsko hribovje), Šmarna gora and Rašica, behind are the Škofja Loka Hills (Škofjeloško pogorje) and the Julian Alps with Triglav on the horizon; on the northwest one can see the west ridge of the Karavanke with Kepa, Golica, Stol, Vrtača, Begunjščica and Košuta, in front of it are Dobrča, Kriška gora and Storžič; on the north horizon are the  Kamnik Alps, and in front of them Krvavec, Velika planina, Lepenatka, Veliki Rogac, the Menina Plateau (Menina planina) and Dobrovlje, completely in the foreground lie the mountains and the peaks of the Posavje Hlls north from the  Sava River: Murovica, Cicelj, Miklavž, Slivna and towards the northwest the mountain Zasavska sveta gora, Čemšeniška planina, Sveta planina and Mrzlica.
Car: to the thut along the local roads from Jevnica 8km; from Litija 15km; from Trebeljevo 8km and from Srednja Besnica 4km. Bus: from Trebeljevo to Tuji grm. The RS Laze, Jevnica; the RS, BS Litija; the BS Dolsko, Senožeti, Trebeljevo, Srednja Besnica: from Laze 2h15; from Dolsko through Laze 2h45; from Jevnica 2h; from Senožeti through Jevnica 2h15; from Litija across Širmanski hrib and through Mala Štanga 3h30; from the BS Trebeljevo across Prežganje 1h45; from Srednja Besnica across Gabrje 1h45.
Interesting tours
Obolno (776 m) across Trebeljevo 3h15; Kucelj (748 m) across Trebeljevo 2h45.
Access to other mountain huts
The tourist farm turistična kmetija Franca Berčona na Obolnem 3h15; Lavričeva koča na Gradišču hut (510m), across Trebeljevo and Obolno 5h30.

GPS Northing (N) : 46,0522 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,7115 
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Administrator : Razvojni center srca Slovenije d.o.o. | ++386 1 896 27 10 |
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