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Andrejev dom na Slemenu mountain hut

++386 3 589 51 54

Altitude : 1086 m

Open for guests

The hut is permanently open.
No. of beds : 31 
Dormitory beds : 52 
Seating inside : 84 
Description of the mountain hut
The hut is located on a sunny clearing on the northeast side of the peak of Sleme (1167 m) in the mountain ridge which connects Uršlja gora with Smrekoveci. Sleme is also the name of the nearby pass where the regional road Šoštanj-Črna passes from Styria to Carintia.
In two restaurant areas there are 84 seats, a bar counter; there are 52 seats at the tables in front of the hut: there are 15 rooms with 31 beds; 52 communal beds, toilet; a washing room and a shower with cold and warm water, central heating, running water, electricity, telephone.
The view
The view is open only towards the east and south, towards the west it is completely covered by wood, on the north side one can see only Uršlja gora between the trees. Towards the east and southeast one can see the hills which descend towards the valley Šaleška dolina and the chimneys of the Šoštanj power plant, the plateau Ponikevska planota, Gora Oljka, the Savinja Valley from Gomilsko to Celje, the Posavje Hills (Posavsko hribovje) with Kum, towards the east the nearby Bele Vode and Golte, if one goes a few steps east of the hut Smrekovec can be seen as well.
Access Car, bus:
the regional road Šoštanj-Sleme-Črna na Koroškem from which at the pass turns a short junction to the hut; from Šoštanj 18km (10 km of the asphalt road), from Črna 12km. The BS Zavodnje, Topolšica, Črna na Koroškem; The RS, BS Šoštanj: from Zavodnja (the final station at Kopin) 1h15; from Topolšica across Lom and past Žlebnik 2h15; from Šoštanj to Zavodnja and ŠenTV (transversal)id 4h; from Šoštanj along the Šentflorjanski graben to Grebenšek and along the E-6 past Turk and Žlebnik 4h; from Črna by the stream Javorski potok 3h.
Interesting tours
Uršlja gora (1699 m) 2h30; Smrekovec (1577 m) 3h; Sv. Križ v Belih Vodah (1051 m) along the forest road past Počivalnik 1h30; the farm Žlebnikova domačija homestead where Karel Destovnik-Kajuh, the poet and national hero died for freedom on 22nd February 1944 along the TV (transversal) 1h.
Access to other mountain huts 
Dom na Uršlji gori mountain hut (1680m) 2h15; Poštarski dom pod Plešivcem mountain hut (805m) past Križan 3h; Koča na Naravskih ledinah mountain hut (1072m) past Križan 2h; Dom na Smrekovcu mountain hut (1377m)2h30.
GPS Northing (N) : 46,4375 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,9638 
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