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Koča na Kriški gori mountain hut

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Koča na Kriški gori mountain hut, Križe, Križe, mountains hut alps cottage hiking alpine shelter, The hut is located on the top of the sunny side of Mežnarjeva senožet on the west part of the elongated ridge of Kriška gora. <BR>In three restaurant areas there are 80 seats and a bar counter, there are 100 seats at the tables on the terrace in front of the hut; there are 10 rooms with 40 beds, 12 communal beds; toilets, a washing room with cold water, the restaurant and the sleeping areas are heated by stoves; rainwater, electricity (sun cells, generator), mobile phone; paragliding runway; transport cable car. <BR><STRONG>The view </STRONG><BR>From the terrace in front of the hut there is a beautiful view towards the east, south and west and from the nearby ridge above the hut there is a view on the north as well. On the east side there are grass-covered sunny slopes and the ride of Kriška gora, which ends with Tolsti vrh, behind it rises Storžič, and on the right of it one can see a part of Krvavec; on the south there is a vast view on the Ljubljana Basin (Ljubljanska kotlina) and on the lower part of the Carniola Plain (gorenjska ravnina) with Kranj and on the hills which surround it from the west part of the Posavje Hills (Posavsko hribovje) across Krim and the Polhov Gradec Hills (Polhograjsko hribovje) to the Škofja Loka mountains (Škofjeloško pogorje) and on the horizon to Snežnik, Javorniki and Trnovski gozd; on the west rise the woody Jelovica and Pokljuka, behind one can see the Julian Alps with Triglav and the Bled Lake in the same direction, in front of which lies the upper part of the Carniola Plain with Radovljica; the view to the north stops on the nearby Dobrča and to the north of it there are Stol and Begunjščica; on the north one can see the Lom Valley (Lomska dolina) from Tržič to Storžič and the mighty massif Košuta with all its peaks from Veliki vrh to Košutnikov turn. <BR><STRONG>Access Car: </STRONG><BR>from Križi along the main road via Golnik to the turning of the local asphalt road to Zgornje Vetrno and to Gozd 4km, from the direction of Golnik 5km, to the shelter Zavetišča v Gozdu, from where it takes 1h15 to the hut. The BS Križe, Tržič and Golnik: from Križi along the road to the turning above Zgornje Vetrnje and along the west ridge 2h; from Križi along the local road to the village Gozd and along the south slope 2h30; from Tržič along the SPP (Slovenian Alpine Trail) and across Velika mizica 2h30; from Golnik through the village Gozd 2h. <BR><STRONG>Interesting tours </STRONG><BR>Vrata (1591 m) 20 minutes; Tolsti vrh (1715 m) 1h; Storžič (2132 m) across Tolsti vrh, Mala and Velika Poljana and across the ridge of Psica 4h30. <BR><STRONG>Access to other mountain huts </STRONG><BR><A href=/?koca_planinski_dom=21926&lng=2>Dom pod Storžičem mountain hut (1123 m)</A> across Tolsti vrh and Mala Poljana 3h;<A href=/?koca_planinski_dom=27923&lng=2> Planinski dom na Kališču mountain hut (1534m)</A> across Tolsti vrh, Mala and Velika Poljana and across the south slope of Storžič across the alpine pasture Javornik 4h30; the shelter <A href=/?koca_planinski_dom=21910&lng=2>Zavetišče v Gozdu (891 m)</A> 1h <BR>,

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