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European Youth Card


What is Ej!KArtica or European Youth Card?

The European Youth Card is a card for young people offering a large number of discounts on culture, travel, accommodation, shopping and services in Slovenia and most European countries. In Slovenia the card is called Ej!KArtica. It offers benefits to all young people without regard to their social situation or student status - all that it matters is that they are less than 30 years of age (exception: the co-branded SŽ-Ej!KArtica youth card is available up to 26 of age).

In Slovenia there are two cards available, the basic youth card Ej!KArtica and the cobranded card SŽ-Ej!KArtica.

They both enable cardholders access to:

- Ej!KArtica informative media (articles, electronic newsletter, website www.EJKArtica.si/en, guide book),
- discounts and activities all around Slovenia and most of Europe in the field of culture, education, transport, travel, services, shopping, sightseeing, sports…
- international projects and activities in the field of social activity and culture,
- free of charge booking of accomodation at Hostelworld via www.EJKArtica.si/en  

Cobranded card SŽ-Ej!KArtica (in addition to all of the above also offers 30 % discount on trains in Slovenia and 25 % discount for international railway travels according to the offer RailPlus (not aplicable for travels on national lines in a foreign country).

More information: www.EJKArtica.si/en.

European Youth Card on www.slovenia.info

How does the card work and what does it offer?

With numerous discounts, theEuropean Youth Card allows young travellers to get the best of what Slovenia has to offer. You can admire attractive nature and landscape while using European Youth Card discounts for different activities: skiing in the mountains, enjoying water and adrenaline sports, traveling by train (only with the co-branded card SŽ-Ej!KArtica ) and more. European Youth Card also includes discounts on accomodation food and drink, culture and entertainment, museums, galleries and festivals, sports and leisure activities.

Certain partners on www.slovenia.info travel guide also offer European Youth Card discounts and benefits; discount information is indicated in each respective offer (European Youth Card logo).

You can access the list of European Youth Card discounts on www.slovenia.info trough some main categories: Accomodation, Active Holidays, Tourist Attractions, Food and Wine, and Wellness and Health Resorts.

Complete list of European Youth Card discount offerers on www.slovenia.info

More information about other European Youth Card discounts and benefits: www.EJKArtica.si/en  
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