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Timeless waters pulled by the relentless force of gravity constantly morph and mould the mountain landscape. Water is an element, which possesses the opposites of two extremes – a boundless gentle clarity, creating pools of green and a violent energy, removing layers from the ancient rock.

Until recently, these alpine canyons were only witnessed from a distance by local nature lovers. However now, with the help of modern outdoor equipment, we are able to offer tourists and visitors a carefully selected choice of canyoning experiences. In a canyon one can glimpse into the hidden workshop of the elements. We promise that you will enter this temple of water on your fingertips and depart from it a richer person than before. We want to create a complete and magical experience, during which you will not only discover a new sense of respect for our planet Earth, but also discover parts of yourself, your vulnerabilities and your love of life.

Location: Susec creek, 9 km from Bovec
Access: 30 minute walking trail
Duration: up to 3 hours including transportation time
Degree of Difficulty: Easy

Sušec is the ideal choice for an introduction to canyoning, due to it’s relative proximity and easy access. It allows a first timer to get feeling for the hidden world of narrow channels, shady rock pools and waterfalls. You can slide down a majority of the Susec waterfalls, although we will rappel over some of them for safety reasons. There is the exhilaration of a now almost famous waterfall, which drops several meters into a giant bowl of water, giving the illusion of falling into a bottomless pit. As we make our way back to on the walking trail, we will also discover some 1st World War history.

Location: Fratarca creek, 10 km from Bovca
Access: 30 min walking trail
Duration: up to 5 hours including transportation time
Degree of Difficulty: Intermediate

Canyoning the Fratarca requires a higher degree of preparedness, due to its location. Here, the water has carved its way right into one of the most majestic rock walls in the Julian Alps. As we get closer to it, we will discover that the Loska Wall is also friendly, as she opens just enough to allow us, for the most part, to jump and shimmy from waterfall to rock pool. There are only 3 waterfalls where ropes are mandatory and these rappels are the reason this tour is rated intermediate. Otherwise, the canyon is not technically difficult, as it is open and walking through it is relatively easy. 

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