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Horse Club Lesce - Bled

Alpska cesta 109 4248 Lesce
+386 (0)41 675 482, +386 (0)41 947 992

The Horse Club Lesce - Bled has been founded already in 1962. It lies between the town of Lesce and the camping site Šobec, in the vicinity of the Bled golf course.

We offer a variety of different activities suitable for children as well as adults, from absolute beginners to advanced riders:

  • -horseback riding lessons
  • -horse workshops for children
  • -trail riding
  • -therapeutic riding
  • -hippotherapy

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Activity Duration Price

Riding lesson (first approach to horses, grooming, horse riding basics) 30 min 20 €
Trail riding (guided) 45 min 28 €

Experienced riders**
Riding lesson (in the riding arena) 45 min 28 €
Trail riding around the camping site Šobec 1 h 28 €
Countryside trail riding cca. 2 h
cca. 4 h
55 €
100 €

»Mini Farm Animal Zoo« tour   free
Therapeutic riding 30 min 25 €


We offer horseback riding lessons throughout the whole year. All riding lessons are tailored to the rider's experience level. Depending on your wishes, the lessons can be conducted individually or in small groups. If you become a member of our club, you also receive special discounts.

The horse riding courses are not based solely on teaching you how to ride but also on the right approach to horses. If we want to work with horses, we must learn to trust them and understand them. That is why we also teach about the horse's character, temperament and psychology. Only when we understand horses, can we establish a friendly relationship and become a part of their world, a part of their herd. This kind of connection with the horse is not only nicer and more fun but also much safer.


People are usually not aware of all the advantages of riding and working with horses. It is hard to list them all but let us point out the most important ones:

-Already the first steps (cleaning, grooming, leading) require a lot of patience and concentration as horses always feel when you are not focused on them.
-Horseback riding helps us stay in shape.
-While riding, we are also improving our balance and coordination. Not only do we have to sit straight, we also need to move each arm, each leg as well as the back in the right way. That is how we strengthen all our muscles and improve our posture.


You can choose from a wide variety of horse riding courses depending on your experience level. We offer horseback riding lessons for beginners as well as for advanced riders. You can also learn the basics of dressage and show jumping.

Please contact us for further information. 

GPS Northing (N) : 46,3624 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,1457 
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Administrator : Bled - Turizem Bled - LTO | ++386 4 578 05 00 |
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