Innovative Slovenian travels

Individual tourism products that are new and different can in themselves be a great inspiration for where to go travelling in Slovenia. In order to make things easier for those looking for the full story about a different kind of Slovenian tourism, as part of the activities in the Bank of Tourism Potentials in Slovenia project we have invited the participation of winners from the past public competitions Sejalec and Snovalec - four travel agents and one tourism portal (winners: award recipients and finalists).

We have asked them to make up from the mass of award-winning innovative products the first series of tourist packages offering a composite experience of innovative Slovenian tourism. These packages last from one to seven days, and cost from just under EUR 40 to over EUR 400, and cover several Slovenian regions. We are certain that through them you will sense the wind of change bringing with it a new freshness and new ideas about the directions in which Slovenian tourism can still develop.

We welcome tourists to innovative Slovenian travels!

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