Historical homes

A major place is occupied in Slovenia’s cultural and ethnological heritage by well-preserved old homes and homesteads, including the former dwellings of some important Slovenian figures. Many of them have now been converted into museums. In these homes you can learn all about rural architecture in Slovenia and the way of life among past generations of country people. Alongside the residential buildings, many of these homesteads also feature well-preserved functional structures such as barns, hayracks and mills.
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Historical homes (130)
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MapDomačija ŠajnaŠepulje

MapTourist farm MalovščevoVitovlje

MapTourist farm Pri Rjavčevih, the owner: Vida CernatičŠempas

MapAbram Tourist FarmNanos


Domačija Štraus Kramer

MapFarm PsnakZgornja Radovna

MapHomestead BoleAvber

MapHomestead LisjakDutovlje

MapHomestead MuhaLokev

MapHomestead Škapin - ŽibernaTomaj

MapJakopina farmOlimje

MapLojzava homesteadDutovlje

MapMatjaž's homesteadPaha

MapMoj dom Tourist FarmJuršinci

Pirš excursion tourism

MapStiplošek homestead - Jožetov gričSela

Šenk's homestead

MapThe Pri Papež homesteadStrmec nad Dobrno

MapTK ŠkerljTomaj

MapTK ŽibernaŠtorje

MapTourism farm with accommodation BordonDekani

MapTourist farm PerkLogarska Dolina

MapTourist farm Abram - ŽerjalSveto

MapTourist farm AncelZgornje Jezersko

MapTourist farm ArbajterSkomarje

MapTourist farm ArzenšekStranice

MapTourist farm BajukRadovica

MapTourist farm BelecŽelezne Dveri

MapTourist Farm BencicFilipčje Brdo

MapTourist Farm BirsaBrje

Tourist farm Bizjak

MapTourist farm BogšaLitmerk

MapTourist farm BorkoČrešnjevci

MapTourist farm BregBreg pri Golem Brdu

MapTourist farm BukovjePrimož pri Ljubnem

MapTourist farm ČemasZilje

MapTourist farm DavčenČetena Ravan

MapTourist farm DobrinjaLopar

MapTourist farm DolenčeviSajevče

MapTourist farm Domačija StojanŠmartno pri Slovenj Gradcu

MapTourist farm Dujčeva domačijaŠkoflje

MapTourist Farm FerencoviKrašči

MapTourist Farm FirbasCogetinci

MapTourist Farm FrancinoviAvber

MapTourist farm Frank & OzmecSlamnjak

MapTourist farm GradišnikLogarska Dolina

MapTourist farm GrobelnikPodvrh

MapTourist farm GrofijaVir pri Stični

MapTourist farm HlebecKog

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