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Active and healthy rest and relaxation at Slovenian spas

Slovenian natural health spas are a true font of health and activities. They are set in green natural environments amidst lush forests, among wine-growing hills, along crystal-clear rivers, at the seaside or in the foothills of the mountains. Enjoy green, active and healthy Slovenia!

Green nature and everything that a family needs for a perfect break

Slovenia is green, active and healthy. Everything that families need for a perfect break. The vicinity of forests, rivers, Karst secrets, the Alps and the Adriatic Sea enables experiences that are always new.

Sevnica in Slovenia is a birth place of USA's future first lady

Slovenia, one of the greenest and most beautiful countries in the world, welcomes Melania Trump as she becomes the First Lady of the United States of America.

Slovenia abounds with green destinations

Anywhere you turn in green, active and healthy Slovenia, towards the Alpine peaks, the green forests, the Adriatic sea, the mysterious Karst, the vineyards or the Pannonian plains, everything is green. And the people of Slovenia carefully cultivate a green attitude. They love their green ...



Adele in Slovenia

Adele in Slovenia is a brand designed by an English woman living in Slovenia, to share her love of Slovenia. Through her blog, she aims to acquaint people with this beautiful ...

Olm eggs: First two Slovenian 'dragons' emerge

On 30 May at 10:48 a.m., in the Postojna Cave, one of the most amazing karst caves in the world, the first juvenile olm hatched from one of the eggs a female olm had laid in ...

Practical information

Read all the basic information and essentials about travelling around Slovenia to make your trip relaxed and stress-free.

Border formalities

Slovenia is in the Schengen Area, which makes entering from other European Union countries simple. If you require a visa or are travelling with an animal, make sure you have ...

Mobile Application Slovenia’s Top 100

The mobile app Slovenia’s Top 100 offer a selection of the most popular Slovenian tourist attractions according to the number of visits to the web portal ...

Mobile app Hiking and Biking in Slovenia

The mobile app shows more than 180 of the most interesting hiking and cycling destinations, paths, accommodation and tourist packages.


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