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Castle Fridrihštajn

Kočevje, 1330 Kočevje
About former lover nest of Friderik II Celjski and his young fiancée Veronika Deseniška, today testify only wreckage of castle on one of summits over the town of Kočevje - Fridrihštajn. 
The story starts long ago in a year 1420, when Friderik became owner of Kočevska region. Between years 1422 and 1425 he on the steep summit on mighty rock built the castle and name it by himself. There was only one way to enter the castle through the main castle doors all other sites are protected by high steep rock walls. The entrance behind the castle walls was through the drawbridge over artificially made ditch. On the summit castle was surrounded with strong defensively walls.     
Friderik equipped beautifully also interior of the castle. Rooms were full of valuable carpets, crystal, artificial weapon and tools from silver and gold. Estates from surrounding settlements must work on the castle and area around. The main road to the castle was permanently maintained. Count Herman II Celjski the father of Friderik did not want Friderik to marry with Veronika Deseniška from political reasons. He sent strong solider squad to castle Fridrihštajn with orders to separate the lovers. Friderik tried to escape but did not succeed. They caught him with a trick and took to the city Celje. When Friderik was saved, count Herman sent another army squad to grab Veronika. They searched through the castle and whole region but could not find her. She disappeared without a sign. After a long searching spies found her and she was brought to prison. When the lawsuit was ready they judged her for trying to kill count Herman, and for sorcery which was at that time illegal. Due to lack of evidences and because they had to give her a lawyer she was judged not guilty. But count Herman despite court of justice did not sentence her did not let her free, but he put her into jail again. He could not wait that she die without a food and sent two knights to kill her. They drowned her in a sink from which cattle drink water.      
Friderik has to step back from all castles and left them to the father even castle Fridrihštajn, which he built by himself. Count Herman ordered just built castle Fridrihštajn to be burned. After Veronikas dead, father let Friderik out from the prison. Friderik rebuilt castle Fridrihštajn and lived very luxurious and wild live inside its walls.

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