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Lipnica Castle

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Zgornja Lipnica, 4240 Radovljica
The ruins of Lipnica Castle rise above the Lipnica Valley. Located on a steep slope between the Lipnica Stream and the Sava, the castle offers beautiful vistas across the green hills, all the way to the Julian Alps. It is believed that a snake with a golden crown still slithers around the castle ruins.

Lipnica Castle (also known as Pusti grad 'deserted castle' or Waldenberg Castle) stands only a few hundred metres from the outlying houses in the village of Zgornja Lipnica. The castle hill can be scaled — on foot or by bike — from the villages of Lancovo, Zgornja Lipnica or Kamna Gorica, and Lipnica Castle Natural Science Trail leads there from the town of Radovljica.

Wonderful vistas open up from the site: across the green hills, Bled, and the Julian Alps with Mt. Triglav. On the other side, you can take in the sumptuous views of the green forests of the Lipnica Valley and Jelovica Plateau.
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