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In the diverse offer of excellent Slovenian inns, you can now truly know where you will be welcomed and served freshly-prepared Slovenian dishes, regional and local specialties and delicacies that the local chefs have been trained to prepare in their own special way. You can enjoy the excellent food and raise a toast with exquisite Slovenian wines. All this awaits when visiting inns of the “Gostilna Slovenija” brand. The inns under this brand also meet special exterior design criteria, have a relaxing interior ambience and an appropriate musical atmosphere.

The bearers of the “Gostilna Slovenija” title are a group of Slovenian inns that provide a culinary offer of the highest quality and thus actively convey the Slovenian culinary cultural heritage and diverse modern approaches to preparing tasty dishes. On special occasions, when you wish to delight your loved ones, mark an important happy event or see to a good atmosphere for starting or concluding your business talks, a visit to an inn under the “Gostilna Slovenija” brand is undoubtedly the right choice.

Homemade Seasonal Food

To be better prepared for what the menus of individual inns offer and which ingredients are used to prepare the dishes in these inns, which has recently become especially important, take a look at the following numbers: the menus of the inns under the “Gostilna Slovenija” brand have to include at least 80 percent of house, local, regional and Slovenian dishes. At least three offered dishes have to be products with the protected appellation of origin. The chefs have to use at least one half of foodstuffs of local or Slovenian origin and at least five percent of these foodstuffs have to be produced ecologically.

The offer in these inns differs according to the season. At least three quarters of wines offered at “Gostilna Slovenija” inns have to be wines from Slovenian winemakers and the offer of spirits has to contain at least five beverages of local or Slovenian origin. You can quench your thirst with at least ten non-alcoholic beverages (water, juices) produced in nearby surroundings or within Slovenia.

Mopped up with Bread

You will leave a “Gostilna Slovenija” inn satisfied and full, and will gladly visit them again. You will continue to explore new inns under this brand, as several inns are in the assessment process, waiting to be awarded the right to use this title.
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