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Tourist farm Sonja Ozmec

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Tourist farm Sonja Ozmec, Senešci 83, Velika Nedelja, , Altitude: 350 m Size of farm: 2,5 ha Open for guests: 1.1. - 31.12. Rooms: 2/2, 1/1, 2/4, 1/6 Apartments: 1/4, 1/6 Seating: 60 Access by bus <IMG src= align=left>The Ozmec farm stands on the slopes of Slovenske Gorice in the heart of Prlekija, on the Ormož VTC 14 Wine Road, and a mountaineering trail and the European Footpath run past it. What the people of Prlekija allow themselves they offer with pleasure to their guests goes the saying, and the Ozmec farm is no exception. <BR><BR><IMG SRC= align=left>The whole year round they prepare delicious Prlekija dishes to order, and you can get homemade cold cuts, pork preserved in lard, bread, and wine from own vineyard at any time. When they have more guests - there is seating for 80-120 diners - they offer sauerkraut with roast sausage or blood sausage, other meat dishes, cracklings, buckwheat “kaša,” and for dessert “pogace,” “postržjace,” “posolenke,” and other homemade local dishes.<BR>In their woodworking shop, they make various wooden items and souvenirs. <BR><BR><IMG SRC= align=left>On the farm, you can help tend the vines in spring and harvest grapes in autumn and eat with the family when the work is done. Local sights worth visiting include the Sv. Trojica (Holy Trinity) church from 1219, the viewing tower in Gomila, the castle in Velika Nedelja, and the wine cellars of Ormož and Jeruzalem, and, of course, a trip to Ptuj is a must.<BR><BR>  <br>,

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GPS N: 46,4289
E: 16,0978

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