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Slovenian take-over of the Euro as of the year 2007

As the first of the ten new members that joined the EU in the year 2004, Slovenia has adopted the Euro as its official currency on 1.1.2007. The country between the Adriatic Sea and the Alps is thus the 13th country to join the European monetary union. The Tolar was discontinued after its 15–year run and Slovenians will be counted out 239.64 Tolars for one Euro. On the new coins there are images of the Lipizzaners, Triglav (as the highest mountain in the country), France Prešeren (as the author of the national anthem), and so on.
As of the beginning of the month of March 2007, it is only possible to exchange the old Slovenian currency (Tolar) for Euro at the issuing bank (Bank of Slovenia).


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