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Slovenia is in the Schengen Zone, meaning that at the border crossings with Italy, Austria and Hungary there are generally no controls. To enter Slovenia from Croatia, a passport or ID is sufficient if your visit will not last more than three months.

Special requirements for certain countries

Alongside citizens of all the European Union Member States, citizens of Croatia, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland can also enter Slovenia just with a personal ID, provided your visit is no more than thirty days.


To enter Slovenia from Croatia and other countries that are not in the Schengen Zone, children also need a valid passport, or in the cases listed above, a valid ID is sufficient.

Always carry your ID

Irrespective of the fact that you can enter Slovenia from within the Schengen Zone virtually unchecked, it is important that you always carry a valid personal ID with you. The police in Slovenia, like the police in all other Schengen countries, can carry out ID checks throughout the territory. A personal ID or passport are the only valid forms of identification in Slovenia.


If you need a visa to enter Slovenia, you can obtain one at the Slovenian consular office in your country or at the consular office of any other Member State of the Schengen Zone.

Restrictions on tobacco and alcohol

There are restrictions on the amount of tobacco and alcohol you can bring into Slovenia. They also apply to citizens of other European Union countries, but they are even stricter for those who live outside the EU. There are also restrictions on bringing in cash.


To enter Slovenia, your pet needs a passport and veterinary certificate confirming inoculation against rabies. The regulations differ depending on whether you are entering from a European Union country or other countries.

VAT refunds

VAT refunds may be claimed upon exiting Slovenia only by those visitors from countries outside the European Union.


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