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Vignette - Toll Stickers

From 1 July 2008, motor cycles, private cars and vans whose maximum permitted weight does not exceed 3.5 tons must carry a vignette in order to drive on all Slovenian motorways and expressways managed by DARS d.d., regardless of their length.

For additional information see the DARS website (email:


Vignette 2016


Toll class 1
Price with vat
Yearly vignette
55,00 EUR
Half-year vignette
30,00 EUR
Weekly vignette
7,50 EUR

Toll class 2a
Yearly vignette
110,00 EUR
Monthly vignette
30,00 EUR
Weekly vignette
15,00 EUR

Toll class 2b
Yearly vignette
220,00 EUR
Monthly vignette
60,00 EUR
Weekly vignette
30,00 EUR

-The list of measured vehicles (information regarding the classification of vehicles into toll classes 2A and 2B)

Validity of vignettes

Annual vignettes for the current year are valid from 1 December of the previous year to 31 January of the coming year (total of 14 months). 

Half-year vignettes are valid for six months from the day of purchase, or until the end of the last day of the sixth month, if there is no such day in the sixth month.

Monthly vignettes are valid from the moment of purchase up until the end of the day with the same number one month after the day of purchase, or up until the end of the last day in the month, if the next month has no such day.

Weekly vignettes are valid for seven consecutive calendar days from and including the day determined by the user upon purchase of the vignette.

Sales points

Vignettes are sold at petrol stations in Slovenia and neighbouring countries and at branches of the national and foreign automobile clubs, at post offices in Slovenia and at some magazine stands. For more information a list of sales points is available.


For driving on a motorway without a valid vignette sticker or without paying the road toll, a fine of 300 to 800 euros is envisaged.


For motorway journeys coming from Austria up to the Hrušica exit towards the interior of Slovenia and in the reverse direction, use of a vignette is not required. The road toll for the Karavanke tunnel is valid between the first motorway exits on either side of the national border (in Slovenia the Hrušica exit, in Austria the Podrožca – Rosenbach exit).

Buses, mobile homes and lorries

For vehicles whose maximum permitted weight exceeds 3.5 tons, there are several ways of paying for road use.

- Pay per use: Every time you pass a toll station by paying on the spot.

- Prepayment and later payment: Intended for users of electronic media - DARS card, DARS Transporter card and ABC plates.

Additional information 

Check out in which cases you are entitled to a replacement vignette or reimbursement of the cost of the purchase.

For additional information see the DARS website.


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