Vignette - Toll Stickers
How can I travel around Slovenia by public transport?
Schengen area in Slovenia
Before setting out on a journey on the Slovene motorways, do not forget to buy a vignette
Slovenian take-over of the Euro as of the year 2007
How do I get from Italian airports (Trieste, Venice) to the Slovenian coast?
How do I get from Airport Jože Pučnik to Ljubljana or Kranj?
How do I get from the Austrian airports (Klagenfurt, Graz) to Slovenia?
How do I get from the Croatian airports (Zagreb, Pula) to Slovenia?
How can I pay in Slovenia?
What are the average prices of some basic foods in shops or restaurants in Slovenia?
I am interested in your border formalities
What documents must a child have to enter Slovenia?
What documents are needed if traveling by car?
What do I need to rent a car?
What is needed if traveling by motor-home?
Prices for transport by taxi
How to say in Slovene?
I am a journalist. Can you provide some answers for me?
Where can I obtain additional tourist information when arriving in Slovenia?
Where can I obtain information about the events in Slovenia?


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