EDEN 2009: The Solčavsko region


Three valleys in harmony

What you feel when you arrive is ADMIRATION.
The stunning Alpine peaks, the idyllic beauty of three glacial valleys, a nature park containing countless natural and cultural sights of interest, the hospitality of the people, the profusion of traditional crafts and dishes: these are just fragments of the big picture of the coexistence of unspoilt nature and human creativity. The Solčava District (Solčavsko) is three valleys in harmony and at the same time the unison of outstanding natural beauty and carefully considered tourism.

Plenty to admire! Chosen as Slovenia's European Destination of ExcelleNce in 2009 because it combines, in a unique manner, nature conservation, the life of the inhabitants of the valleys and the curiosity of visitors from all over the world.

EDEN landscape

The feeling that fills you when you see the views is RESPECT.
The Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Karavanke range rise high above the beautiful springs of the river Savinja and three unique valleys. Logarska Dolina is one of the most beautiful Alpine glacial valleys in the whole of Europe. Robanov Kot is a valley of isolated mountain farms. Both valleys have been designated specially protected areas because of their exceptional character and together they form a nature park. Matkov Kot, the least well known of the three valleys, contains the largest snow hollow in the country (Matkov Škaf).

Experience EDEN

What tempts you is DISCOVERY.
Cycling along picturesque paths, walks through meadows and forests or along the channels of streams, mountain paths to huts below the peaks, several-day tours through the high mountains, mountain climbing routes, archery down in the valley or on a forested slope, galloping on horseback through mountain pastures, a tandem paraglider flight; and, in winter, cross-country skiing, tobogganing, ski touring, snow-shoeing, etc. There is never any shortage of active outdoor experiences in Solčavsko, and this is why many people keep coming back here for new experiences!

The best choice for a first complete experience of Solčavsko is a pleasant 3-day adventure programme taking in natural and cultural sights. SOLČAVSKO –THREE VALLEYS IN HARMONY programme, which beat all the other candidates to the title of European Destination of ExcelleNce in Slovenia, combines sightseeing and experiences, encounters with nature and the local people, past and present, and always with great respect for the natural environment.

Taste of EDEN

What inspires you is ENJOYMENT.
Discover natural and cultural features of past and present. Admire the beauties of the landscape, Alpine flora, animals in the wild, architectural and ethnological heritage. Respect the coexistence of nature and people. And enjoy the homeliness of villages, the hospitality of the inhabitants, the comfort of hotels, guest houses and open farms!


Start at www.solcavsko.info
The Rinka Centre
the Solčava Tourist Information Centre
tel. +386 3 839 07 10

In previous years six destinations of excellence were chosen in Slovenia: in 2008 The Soča Valley , in 2009 The Solčavsko region , in 2010 The Kolpa river , in 2011 Idrija, in 2013 Laško and in 2015 Brda

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EDEN 2009 - Solčavsko


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