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At the southern edge of Slovenia the unique river Kolpa links a picturesque destination to neighbouring Croatia. Here, the river Kolpa is full of surprises with its natural channel, rapids, gorges, and gravel beds, while the countryside along its banks is remarkable for its biodiversity and a wealth of natural and cultural features such as steljniki – stands of birch trees with bracken undergrowth. One of Slovenia's warmest rivers offers a variety of experiences 'DOWNSTREAM ALONG THE KOLPA, UPSTREAM ALONG THE BANK'. The numerous walking trails running along the river are also suitable for cycling.

Rafts and canoes are available for trips down the river. The river is suitable for swimming and, with many different species of fish, is popular with anglers. Experience the EXUBERANCE OF NATURE – in an area of extraordinary biological diversity you can encounter as many as 30 species of fish (nine of them on the list of endangered species) and around 100 species of birds. Karst waters are home to the endemic black proteus or 'human fish'. Other species found in the area include the European pond turtle, otters and beavers. The wider area of the Kolpa is an area of unspoilt nature which is still home to bears, lynx and wolves.

Over the course of history, the Kolpa area has been a point of contact for three religions and five different peoples. As a result, some truly special KOLPA STORIES are preserved here. Allow your imagination to be stirred by figures of myth and legend such as Green George and Peter Klepec and other creatures such as the Bilpa Devil and the Kolpa Fairies. Feast your eyes on gaily painted Bela Krajina Easter eggs, embroidery, pottery, ceramics, wicker baskets and other local crafts products. Delight your taste buds with genuine local specialities such as Bela Krajina flatbread, Kostel-style stuffed pig's stomach and rusk-filled sausages and sample the excellent local wines, Kostel brandy, fruit juices and natural mineral water. Fill yourself with energy with a visit to the vital energy centres and natural temples that form part of the 'World of the Kolpa – A Gift for the Soul' programme.

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Downstream along the Kolpa - Krajinjski park Kolpa

Kolpa River - Touch the story
RIC Bela Krajina
telephone: +386 7 30 56 530

In previous years six destinations of excellence were chosen in Slovenia: in 2008 The Soča Valley , in 2009 The Solčavsko region , in 2010 The Kolpa river , in 2011 Idrija, in 2013 Laško and in 2015 Brda

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