Slovenian EDEN Destinations

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Slovenia has been a part taking country in EDEN project since 2008. With a geostategical position in central Europe Slovenia has much to offer. There are lots of destinations in Slovenia, which can offer an exciting touist adventure.

The main idea behind the EDEN project is to promote sustainable tourism in member states and with it, the awarded destinations of excellence across Europe, including Slovenia.

Building an efficient promotion network around the EDEN destinations in Slovenia, was our top priority. As a response Slovenian EDEN network was created and it now serves as an overview of awarded Slovenian destinations of excellence, from 2008 till today.

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Hints for the weekly exploration of Slovenian EDEN destinations

The Soča Valley with its famous emerald Soča River is located in the West, in the outskirts of Triglav National ...

EDEN 2013: Laško

European Destination of ExcelleNce 2013 in Slovenia is destination Laško - the Confluence of Good.

EDEN 2011: Idrija

The title was won by Idrija with Stories of past centuries.

EDEN 2009: The Solčavsko region

Harmony of the three valleys

EDEN 2008: The Soča Valley

Stories of Soča along the path of peace

Slovenian EDEN Network

Slovenian EDEN network



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